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Friday, August 8, 2008

DVD Reviews: “Glamour, Glitz And Divas: The Untold Story Of American Women’s Wrestling” & “Wrestling Vixxens: The New Era”

Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steve “Rockamaniac” Wilson:

There is no debating the fact that women’s wrestling has never been as popular as it is now. Numerous all female federations have popped up throughout North America, meanwhile the TNA knockouts have been taking it a step further scoring the highest rated segments for the company week in and week out, and even main eventing TV on occasion. This influenced the WWE to create a second woman’s championship and give their females some more time to wrestle instead of pillow fighting. Therefore it’s no surprise that more and more female wrestling products are hitting the market, and today we look at two of the latest female DVD releases from Big Vision Entertainment in “Glamour, Glitz and Divas: The Untold story of American women’s wrestling” and “Wrestling Vixxens: The New Era”

This is actually an “Outside The Ropes” production, meaning it’s a documentary cut together using footage from RF Video’s extensive shoot interview archive. The first such production was entitled Life in the fast lane, which was about life on the road as a wrestler, and while that was enjoyable, the cutting and flow of the stories were somewhat random at times as I mentioned in my DVD review many months ago. However I was pleased to see that in “Glamour, Glitz and Divas” there is more of a specific flow to the DVD.

The main feature begins with tales of childhood and whether or not they were a fan of pro wrestling. The divas featured is quite an impressive line up from every era of pro wrestling, beginning with Moolah and Mae Young to Sensational Sherry to Luna Vachon to Sunny to Chyna and to today’s stars like Velvet Sky and Jackie Gayda, You get a perspective from a wide array of generations of Divas. From tales of childhood we now move into the decisions to enter the business and the training they sought out and whether they thought the fact that it’s a male dominated industry would hurt them.

Next up is a on the road feature with current female stars Talia Madison aka Velvet Skye and April Hunter. They touch on some of the afformentioned topics as they wait for their breakfast to arrive. This proves to be an interesting little feature as you get to see a day in the life of a independent wrestling diva in hyper speed.

Love stories is the next topic which is a look at the divas mixing business with pleasure so to speak as many of them found love within the business. This includes Sunny revealing the intimate details of her and Shawn Michaels relationship from the 90’s which nearly resulted in her leaving Chris Candido to move in with Michaels.

A training seminar with Luna Vachon gives you a look at the diva taking the time to pass her knowledge on to those who are training and trying to get better on the scene today.

The inevitable subject when it comes to a divas documentary is catfights, lots of heat thrown Sable’s way here as well as Jackie Gayda’s way from Sunny, Even Moolah gets in on the cat fights ripping into Judy Gable. April Hunter main events the cat fights with Allison Danger with a worthy rant.

Some random spots wraps up the main feature and then the DVD extras offer up some solid female indy wrestling matchups with the up and coming stars of today. 6 matches in total including Sara Del Ray vs Nikki Roxx, Cheerleader Melissa vs Mercedez Martinez, April Hunter vs Talia “Velvet Sky” Madison, Sumie Sakai vs Daizee Haze, Kylie Pierce vs Angela with Special guest referee Sherri Martel, and finally Luna Vachon vs Alicia.

I really enjoyed this DVD, as I mentioned it flowed well, perhaps one segment was misplaced but the 95 minute main feature and the hour worth of bonus matchups easily justify the 14.99 asking price and makes for a nice little addition to your wrestling DVD collection.

Pulling a 180 now, we look at “Wrestling Vixxens: The New Era”. The original Wrestling Vixxens was a pornographic based website featuring mainly Missy Hyatt and Sunny many years back. This new incarnation takes many of the TNA knockouts as well as a couple of the other hottest divas on the indy scene today and for the most part has them pose for pictures in various sexy outfits set to sultry music and put in slow motion. So Cal Val, ODB, Talia “Velvet Sky” Madison, Rain aka Peyton Banks as well as Daffney and my personal favourite ROH/WSX star Lacey are the vixens featured. The DVD’s back cover might promise the chance to get to know the girls behind the gimmicks, but very few talk segments are on the DVD, Talia Madison probably gets the most talk time, but considering the point of this DVD is to serve as hot semi pornographic material as opposed to a documentary then it certainly lives up to expectations and if you’re a fan of any one of these girls then picking up this DVD could be of interest for you.

“Glamour, Glitz and Divas: The Untold story of American women’s wrestling” as well as “Wrestling Vixxens: The New Era” is now available on DVD from Big Vision Entertainment. Check out BVDVD.com for more information or to order your own copy. You can also ready my previous DVD reviews at MainEventRadio.com/Reviews.htm