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Friday, August 15, 2008

EQ Smart Energy Drink® Joint Ventures With WFC USA As Sponsor For International Grappling Tournament

Courtesy of River Creek Holdings, Inc.:

RVCK.PKLAS VEGAS, NV, August 15, 2008 - EQ Labs, LLC, the manufacturer and distributor of EQ Smart Energy Drink® (effervescent) tablets (PINKSHEETS: RVCK) has agreed to joint venture with WFC Grappling USA (WFCGUSA). The event will take place at the Sun Dome in Tampa, FL, on August 16, 2008. Accomplished and renowned Mixed-Martial Arts' (MMA) legends such as Marcos Flores, the WFCGUSA Director, and Dan "The Beast" Severn will again head up this premier grappling speculator. This event guarantees to exceed the action and excitement of the previous two tournaments, considering an array of some of the world's top gladiators from various martial arts disciplines will participate. Viewers will have an opportunity to observe the best of the best in action, as the WFCGUSA continues to attract some of the best and most renowned MMA fighters from the most prestigious fighting schools on a national and international basis. According to businessman, Kia Dodaro, the owner of Las Vegas-based LA Gyms, who also has partnerships in the Mixed Martial Arts World Fighting Championships, and EQ Labs, LLC, "many of the participants in this event view it as an opportunity to validate themselves as grapplers in particular, despite the fact that they are already established their reputations in MMA in general."

Grappling, which is the act of engaging in close hand-to-hand combat, is a staple of mixed-martial arts combat which entails handling and controlling an opponent without the use of striking; typically through the application of various holds, and counters to hold attempts. In this form of fighting, the prevailing combatant either forces his opponent into voluntarily submission, the referee stops the match in favor of the dominating fighter, or the judges can declare the winner. Fighters from various martial arts systems utilize a compilation of grappling techniques and strategies (such as throws, joint locks, and pinning techniques) to force an opponent to submit (agree to defeat). Believed to have originated in Japan, grappling, a derivative of Judo (and sometimes referred to interchangeably as either Judo or Jujutsu), gained acceptance in countries outside of Asia during the early part of the 20th Century. Different practitioners modified this martial art (or sport, as it is sometimes referred) throughout the 20th Century. As an example, the Graci Family of Brazil developed what is presently referred to as Graci Jujutsu, which is considered to differ from Brazilian Jujutsu, its predecessor. During the 1990s Horace Graci's success in the early Ultimate Fighting Championships inspired many of today's successful MMA fighters to adopt the unique Graci Jujutsu model, although numerous other styles will be represented in the upcoming tournament.

According to Dodaro, "It has been interesting observing MMA fighters from different systems, as they embraced grappling. A significant number of our fighters come to MMA with an opinion that their particular form is superior to another, but quickly learned two things: 1) No one system is better than another, the preparation and heart of the fighter are most crucial to success; but 2) In order to succeed in MMA, all fighters will invariably find themselves on the floor, and the fighter best proficient in grappling will probably prevail."

EQ Labs, LLC's CEO, Maurice "Mo" Owens, stated, "We are pleased to be the exclusive energy drink sponsor for this action-packed event. Having sponsored MMA events in the past, this provides increased brand exposure for our product to this segment of the market. Our sponsorship decisions are based on the relevance of the event to the impact we can make. Athletes and fans are still in search of energy drink alternatives to those existing on the market. In fact, a significant number of our consumers already use EQ Smart Energy Drink® prior to workouts or participating in sports competitions. With iBNSports.com broadcasting the tournament over the Internet, our exciting product will gain greater exposure and educate viewers of the fact that [better] options exist than those they have become accustomed to purchasing. EQ is the "smart energy drink" because of its ingredients, effectiveness, taste, and convenience of use."

iBNSports.com will broadcast the tournament free of charge over the Internet at approximately 11:00 a.m. until the last match ends at approximately 6:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

"These contestants take this event very seriously," stated Dodaro, a partner in MMAWFC, and EQ Labs, LLC investor, and the owner of LA Sports, Inc., a Las Vegas-based MMA training facility. "When people travel long distances (at their own expense) to compete, they arrive with a goal of making their trip worthwhile -- to win," he added. (NOTE: WFC Grappling, USA and the MMAWFC are different business entities.)

EQ Smart Energy Drink® tablets will be in abundance at the tournament. Several thousand tablets will be given away to spectators and contestants. In fact, it is not uncommon to see a significant number of the competitors dropping 1 - 2 tablets of the product into their water immediately preceding their match because of the extra energy they rely on it to provide. Also, the key appeal of EQ Smart Energy Drink® tablets to athletes is that it does not contain any harsh or illegal ingredients because it consists primarily of a mixture of vitamins, and natural ingredients.

"Our company continues to distribute our energy drink tablet at venues like this, and recognize it as a viable platform for promoting the brand," stated Keith Beall, EQ Labs, LLC's publicity and promotions director. "We are already engaged in major initiatives consisting of advertising and distribution strategies that will result in increased brand awareness over the coming months throughout the U.S., Mexico, and other parts of Latin America. Events like this grappling tournament and our previous sponsorship of MMA matches, Sumo Wrestling and even on and off-track race car driving have also proven to be of tremendous benefit," he went on to say.

About EQ Smart Energy Drink Tablets

EQ is instant energy in any beverage, consisting of a blend of essential vitamins, Gingko Biloba and caffeine keeps you going any time, day or night. EQ is all about energy and living the All-American Lifestyle.

EQ is a great addition to your favorite beverage and mixable to your taste. Drop an EQ into water or any drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic). Let it effervesce and you immediately have yourself an energy drink. Want a light taste? Use less EQ. Need a stronger flavor? Use more EQ! Either way, the concept is easy. Get adventurous and get creative.

The product is a thin effervescent tablet that is sold in foil packets of individual tablets or either tubes of six tablets. Essentially, one can place a tablet or tube of this product in their pocket or purse and immediately have an energy drink available in the short amount of time that it takes for the tablet to dissolve. Try carrying around six cans or bottles of energy drinks and you will see why EQ Labs encourages consumers to "Think Outside the Can."

Initially created by a leading and reputable company that produces flavoring for children's medications throughout the globe, EQ's formula was invented to consist of FDA-approved ingredients that are not as harsh or overbearing as some of the energy drink products on the market, and [rightfully] dubbed the "Smart Energy Drink."

Effervescent products have been appreciated and trusted in European countries for years. During this new millennium, novel products like the EQ Smart Energy Drink® tablet are consistently gaining acceptance and popularity in North and South America. They are penetrating the $8.5 billion energy drink industry at a noteworthy level.

EQ Smart Energy Drink® (effervescent) tablets already enjoys a presence in several thousand national retail outlets, after only 16 months of operation. During this short period of operation, the company has experienced noteworthy milestones. Additionally, distributor agreements with national convenience store chains like 7-Eleven or Rite Aid/GNC, the increasing demand for EQ is already being met. EQ Labs LLC is presently engaged in formal dialogues with other national distributors that will result in product availability in 80% if the Top-100 convenience stores and three of the Top-5 retail pharmacy chains by the end of the 2009.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, NV, a city that never sleeps, the product is already in demand on the U.S. West Coast, but equal appeal and demand exists on the U.S. East Coast, in places like Miami, Tampa, and Atlanta. Additionally, college students, truck drivers, and business professionals lust after EQ because they know that allows them to work and party for longer periods. When mixed with alcohol, hangovers are almost non-existent. "We've monitored our sales, and have noticed that our sales consistently increase when the season arrives for students to study for final exams. They know and trust it," stated Michael Villa Jr., EQ's Sales Director.

A correlation exists between Villa's statement when comparing the company's sales activity in relation to its earlier advertising and marketing expenditures. As an example, the product was formally introduced to some 36 major university campuses in its early days. College representatives were hired to introduce [give away] samples of the product on their campus across the U.S. "Once we discontinued giving away samples, we were inundated with requests (through our web site) to sell them the product. Last year, during the Spring Break season, we had to hire extra help to adequately respond to these requests, because they wanted to use EQ as a party supplement. That led us to adopt the slogan, 'You Gotta Have It!" said Villa.

Since its founding, EQ Labs, LLC has expended a significant amount of funds to advertise and promote this leading effervescent energy product. National radio commercials have been produced in English, Spanish and Portuguese by Emmy Award winning producer, Reggie LaFrance. During 2007-08, full-page ads appeared in the programs of all major sports publications at the professional and collegiate levels in football, basketball, baseball, and hockey. Additionally, the company's exclusive sponsorship of major competitions in Mixed-Martial Arts, Sumo Wrestling, Beach Volleyball, and auto racing has added value to the EQ brand because the product was advertised nationally in Mexico, as well as being shown on ESPN (which exposed the product to over 25 million viewers). Most recently, representation contracts were secured with NFL All-Pro, Michael Pittman, and NASCAR's Chase Montgomery, who is the youngest winner in Daytona 500 history. In November 2007, EQ Smart Energy Drink® sponsored a driving team in the prestigious Baja 1000, and won the 1st Place Award, and acquired hero status in Mexico. (See: "EQ Smart Energy Drink Attains Hero Status in Mexico." http://www.prnewsnow.com/Public_Release/Finance/170488.html)

"EQ Smart Energy Drink® is in the fast lane. With a management team that leaves nothing to chance, distribution partners that dominate the retail chain markets, a marketing and advertising program that converts skeptics to loyal consumers, and an increasing cadre of successful athletes or public icons to endorse the product, EQ Labs, LLC continues to realize new successes (increased sales) with each new day, as consumers increasingly Think Outside the Can! " added Mo Owens.

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