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Thank You, Axl Rotten (And R.I.P.)

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Courtesy of Bill Behrens:

Weekly segments by BILL BEHRENS on WHO’s SLAMMING WHO @ http://www.fanslamwrestling.com/ …updated MONDAYS @ 6PM, and then available for at least a week thereafter.

Check out the following recent interview:

Luke Hawx - www.myvirtualbc.com

Contact Bill Behrens @ showbis@aol.com now to book these wrestling stars:

Stevie Richards (WWE/ECW) out of Hartford

Blue Meanie (WWE/ECW) out of Philadelphia

Super Nova (WWE/ECW) (only as part of Blue World Order bookings) out of Louisville

Shannon Moore (WWE/WCW/TNA) out of Raleigh

Kevin Nash (WCW/WWE/TNA) out of Daytona Beach

Dustin Rhodes (WCW, WWE's Goldust, TNA's Black Reign) out of Ocala or Jacksonville

Shawn Stasiak (WWE's "Meat") out of Dallas

Raven out of Atlanta (ECW/WWE/WCW/TNA)

“Squire” David Taylor (WWE/WCW) out of Atlanta

Orlando Jordan (WWE) out of Ft Lauderdale

Joey Matthews (Mercury) (WWE/ECW/TNA) out of Louisville

Chase Stevens (TNA) (of the Naturals) out of Nashville

David Young (TNA) out of Atlanta

Luke Hawx (WSX/TNA) out of New Orleans

“Fabulous” John McChesney out of Erie, PA (TNA & WWE appearances)

“The Good Guy” Azrieal out of Newark

Rob Eckos out of NYC (TNA Xplosion & WWE appearances)

Delirious (ROH/TNA) out of Allentown/Philadelphia

Daizee Haze (ROH/TNA) out of Allentown/Philadelphia

HC Loc (ECW) out of Elmira, NY

Angel (ECW Baldies) out of Kansas City

Mikal Judas (IWA Puerto Rico, WWE & TNA appearances) out of Greenville, SC

Sal Rinauro (ROH/FIP/TNA) out of Macon/Atlanta

Iceberg (TNA as Edward Chastain) out of Atlanta

Slim J (TNA PPV) out of Atlanta

And the rest of the stars of NWA ANARCHY www.nwaanarchy.net

And returning soon to Professional Wrestling, THE AMAZING RED (TNA X Division Original)