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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Funk's Corner - NWA Meeting Las Vegas 1968

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Monday September 9th, 1968 Meeting Room of the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, 9:00am scheduled meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance.

It is 9:15 and all members of the NWA are not yet in the meeting room as Eddie Graham, Nick Gulas and Jim Crockett Sr., "The Southeastern Faction," of the NWA are still in the hallway with last minute preparations for the meeting.

At 9:20, all are members are in their seats and Sam Muchnick is finally able to hit the gavel opening this meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance. Gene Kiniski is NWA World Champion at the time. Representing the Amarillo Territory are Dory Funk Sr., Terry Funk and myself.

Sam Muchnick's opening speech - "I can remember the day when the National Wrestling Alliance was so important that if anyone was late, I had the authority to fine them up to $200 for showing up to a meeting late. It seems those days are gone. It is now 9:20 and we are just getting started. I hope some day we can return our NWA meetings to the importance that they once had.

Everybody took Sam's opening speech serious, the morning session was very productive. and we broke for lunch.

The afternoon session was scheduled to start at 1:00pm. All members were in their seat and ready to go on time except for one, my father and owner of the Amarillo Territory, Dory Funk Sr. Dad was not on time and the meeting was starting.

Sam began the meeting by assigning committees, first the Television Committee, Chairman Fritz Von Erich, Roy Shire, and Jim Crockett Sr., The Grievance Committee, Chairman, Don Owen, Bob Geigel and Mike Labell, as Sam was ready to name the Finance Committee the door opened at the back of the room.----

It was my father, Dory Funk Sr. who burst into the room and said, Sam, "I am so sorry I am late, I apologize -----

From the podium, Sam Muchnick hammered the gavel and said, Dory Funk Sr. there is no excuse for showing up late at a meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance. Sam hammered the gavel again and said, Dory Funk Sr. I am fining you $200 for arriving late for a meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance.

Dory Funk Sr. said, "But Sam, I have a good reason why----

The gavel came down again and Dory Funk Sr. said, "Okay Sam, I apologize I should have no excuse for showing up late for a meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance." Dad walked up to the podium, took out his bullfold and gave Sam Muchnick $200 in cash as his penalty for late arrival to a meeting of the National Wrestling Alliance.

27 members of the NWA stood and gave Dory Funk Sr. a standing ovation for accepting his punishment and paying the fine.

After the evening meeting was over and we were standing in the hallway, Terry, myself and Dad were talking privately about the days events when Sam Muchnick came over with $200 folded between his middle and forefinger and tucked it into my father's shirt pocket.

Sam only said, "Thanks, Dory for your help. I don't think we have to worry about them not being on time any more.

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Dory Funk Jr., Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School