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Friday, August 22, 2008

Kenny King Between The Ropes Interview

Courtesy of Adam Samons:

Between The Ropes
Tuesday, August 19, 2008
ESPN Florida AM 1080 and AM 1060
Simulcast online at BetweenTheRopes.com

On Tuesday night, August 19, Kenny King joined hosts Brian Fritz and Dickerman live on Between The Ropes on ESPN Florida AM 1080 and AM 1060 to discuss his main event match at this Sunday's Gear Wrestling Burnout show, training on WWE's Tough Enough, his time in TNA and ROH and much more.

After starting out with some discussion about his life in Florida and his experiences living in Las Vegas Kenny talked about how his career has progressed over its seven year span. "Its been going pretty well. Thank God my body has held up as well as can be expected. I've had some really good opportunities, being trained by the WWE, I've worked for TNA, and I just started working for Ring of Honor. Its really been kind of a fun ride."

On the topic of Ring of Honor Kenny was asked what it was like to work in front of an ROH crowd. Kenny noted that they tend to pick things apart more, but said that he "never really worries about doing things extra just to get over with the crowd. I get in there, I do my thing and I just try to bring them into the match as much as possible. So far its worked out for me." Kenny also admitted that performing in front of ROH crowds makes him stay on his game.

The talk then turned to Kenny's stint on the second season of the WWE show Tough Enough. He described the experience as awesome and said that "when I first started it was very surreal, getting trained by Bob Holly every day. The surreal part stopped when they kept beating your ass every day all day long. It was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had."

While Kenny has had a WWE tryout since his time on Tough Enough he noted that he was paired with guys who haven't even taken a bump yet, so "it didn't feel like a legit shot." Despite this Kenny said that he feels he was ready at that point to join the WWE roster and he remains ready today.

Kenny then was asked about his connection to current WWE Superstar John Morrison. In addition to seeing each other at the Tough Enough tryouts Kenny knew John from their days in Tampa at the University of South Florida. At the time Kenny had his own radio show and they would both break-dance at night clubs.

Turning to TNA, Kenny said he has been told by TNA management that they have trouble finding a place for him because they feel he is too big for the X Division. Kenny then recited the humorous story of how he was told that by TNA: "At the conversation that I had with that member of TNA management, as soon as he said 'we think you might be too big for the X Division' Samoa Joe walked out of the locker room with the X Division title. That's the funny part about that conversation, it's like somebody set that up."

The interview then wrapped up with some talk about how working the indy scene has given him opportunities to get mic time. He also said that working with FIP has allowed him to develop the heel side of his character.

To listen to the entire Kenny King interview, including Kenny talking about black eyes, working in the timeshare industry, and his desire to get into acting, as well as the entire August 19th edition of Between The Ropes in streaming audio, visit the show online at http://www.BetweenTheRopes.com. In addition to listening to this week's show you can become a site member and access hundreds of previous Between The Ropes shows and interviews. Join us for Between The Ropes for two hours every Tuesday night at 6:00pm ET on ESPN Florida AM 1080 and AM 1060 and worldwide on BetweenTheRopes.com.