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Saturday, August 9, 2008

PTW Wrestling RESULTS: 6/08/08 - Kent. A NEW CHAMPION!

Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

Power Trip Wrestling - 6th August 2008 - Isle of Sheppey, Kent - Attendance 350

Peter Staniforth came out to start the show, with 'Seaside' Kevin Carter. Peter wasn't his usual jovial self, and when the crowd kept chanting 'seaside' in support of Kevin, his infamous temper just snapped. Kevin was knocked out by a shot to the head from Peter's steel Clipboard of Doom, and Peter took the microphone and told the crowd he was sick of being cheered, sick of all the children asking him to sign things, refused to be a role model to children with "lazy parents who should do it themselves"; and said that they could all go to hell. Pointing out that he is from "a town with an international airport, and a town that has a football team so good that the Football League had to deduct 30 points from us this season so that everyone else has a fair chance,,,,I'm from Luton, and god only knows it's better than being here!".

Marcus Phayer came out, and got very angry with Peter, stating that the fans deserve more respect than that, and Peter told him that if he wanted to interrupt him, then he'd have to face an opponent of Peter's choice before he could wrestle in the tag team match that he was already scheduled to be in. Peter called out Tommy Stevens to the ring, and the match began.

* 'The Hardcore Alcoholic' Tommy Stevens defeated Marcus Phayer, after interference from Peter Staniforth, and the Storming Italians (Mason Storm, & Gino Perri). After the match, Tommy Stevens looked to the camera, and made a slightly controversial statement in the direction of a small wrestling promotion based in Milton Keynes, that PTW management wish to state was his beliefs and unapproved by PTW itself (despite our agreement with his sentiments, we have no wish to voice them publicly ourselves); and then went off to look for a pint of cider! Phayer was left in no condition to continue on to the tag team match he was originally meant to wrestle in, leaving a huge question mark as to who his replacement would be.

* The once again very popular Aphrodite, defeated MTX Jem Brown, to much approval from the crowd. Aphrodite has now not lost so far on PTW's Summer Tour.

* Del Rico defeated Dragonian.

* Leapfrog defeated Captain T.N.T.

* In 'The Battle Of The Feathers', Dan Edge defeated Glamour, after interference from 'Scorpion' Bill Duffy.

* 'Cowboy' Adam Hayes & Kevin Carter defeated The Storming Italians (Mason Storm & Gino Perri).

* PTW Cruiserweight Title Match - 'Scorpion' Bill Duffy w/Peter Staniforth defeated G The Ghetto Superstar, to become the NEW PTW Cruiserweight Champion. Before the match, upon his entrance to the ring, G took Peter Staniforth's children Andrew & Victoria into the ring to dance with him; Staniforth came out and went ballistic, screaming at G that he'd gone too far and to his children to 'get the hell out of that ring right now'. The crowd disapproved, considering Peter a spoilsport; and made it clear that they wanted to see G put the arrogant pair in their places.

A back and forth match up, saw Duffy take the victory via submission, with a concealed chain that the referee could not see; used to choke G out. After, as the new champion and Peter celebrated, Peter's sister in law came from the crowd and into the ring, and verbally made her point about his behaviour that evening. Peter replied 'I don't have to talk to you, hell, I don't even have to look at you', and turned his back to her. A big mistake, as his arms were grabbed by wrestlers, and his sister in law pulled his trousers down to his ankles in the centre of the ring!!!

Peter was furious, and despite pulling his trousers up before getting out the ring, as he jumped down to the floor, they fell down once more; and he ran to and out the fire exits with his jeans around his ankles, thoroughly embarrassed and very angry; as the fans and wrestlers celebrated and laughed.

So, in true Power Trip Wrestling tradition, even in a situation where the bad guys had prevailed; the show ended on a fun note and a good atmosphere. We'll see you next week as the PTW Summer Tour continues into it's fourth successful week of residency at the Isle of Sheppey Holiday Village, Kent! Visit www.powertripwrestling.co.uk for all the latest news!