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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Showtime Allstar Wrestling TV Review

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

Airing July 26, 2008 in Nashville, Tn on Comcast 74
Taped July 11, 2008 in Millersville, Tn at the Saw Mill

Michael St. John and Reno Riggns were at ringside with Riggins wearing the loudest, most hideous Hawaiian shirt in the history of fashion. LAST WEEK...He’s back in SAW and back in a big way - Arrick Andrews caused TVA to lose the tag team titles to Tribal Nation. Commissioner Freddie Morton has asked for time to officially reinstate Andrews on today’s show. Morton will announce the next challenger to face Kid Kash for the SAW International Championship, so don’t touch that dial.

It’s Showtime! And SAW starts now~! And the old opening montage is back!


Stevens humiliated Cane with a sequence of comedy spots straight out of the Three Stooges. The announce team talked about Cane cutting a prematch promo in which he blamed the fans for their lack of support last week when he challenged Kash. Stevens showed his physical supremacy over Cane. Riggins said it was just a matter of time before one of the big companies signed Stevens. St. John said SAW was probably the number three wrestling company in the country. What has he been smoking? Cane got untracked by forcing Stevens to eat the turnbuckle and then dropkicking him in the back of the head. Riggins said there were no casual Fridays in the offices of SAW these days, and gave a rundown of all the pandemonium. Stevens nailed a cool shadow lariat that gave Cane no chance to brace for the impact. Cane fired back. Cane flew from the top. Stevens caught him like he was a small child and planted him with spiral slam. Stevens moved in and made the kill with a fisherman suplex.

WINNER: Stevens in 4:30. Stevens looked invincible on offense. Stevens’ work ethic made for quite the contrast to Kash’s slacker approach to Cane last week.

MSJ did an in-ring interview with Stevens and Adam Armor. Stevens said he grabbed the best partner he could find. Armor thanked Stevens for all he had taught him over the last five years. Armor said they were headed for titles and High Society would go down like all the rest. Stevens challenged High Society to a match next week. Good promo. It was the energy they brought to it more than the words.

2 – SHAWN SHULTZ (with Rachel Worthington) beat JEFF JAMISON

Reno and MSJ hammered home the “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” storyline behind the bounty placed on TJ Harley and Miss Worthington, who was looking mighty fine in that short, black dress. Jamison used sheer tenacity to keep it even steven, until Shultz used an innovative counter, where he maneuvered Jamison into a seated position on the ropes and rudely slammed him down on the back of his head. Shultz administered a beating. Jamison mounted a comeback and came off the top, but Shultz was ready with a kick to the gut. Shultz blew a kiss to Worhtington as he planted Jamison with the DDT.

Winner: Shultz in 2:38. Shultz has looked good in all three of his SAW matches thus far. He showed just enough vulnerability before putting Jamison away.

Shultz was attacked by a bandaged up TJ Harley. He backed Shultz into the corner with a furious series of right hands and Shultz bailed out. Harley ripped the bandages off his head. Shultz was in such a state that Worthington had to lead him up the ramp.

Cut to Harley in the interview area with MSJ. Harley said he hooked up with Worthington for 6 months. “We had a couple of good times, but a lot of bad times. I’m sure you’ve been there, “ he said. “Oh boy, wallet’s lighter for it my friend,” said St. John. “If there’s something you know about T.J. Harley, I will never stop until I get what I want, and this time, Shawn Shultz, it’s vengeance.”

MSJ called Commissioner Morton to ringside to address the situation involving Andrews. Morton said he had been overseas working on the SAW syndication deal. Morton called Andrews out. Morton said when he got back from Europe, the buzz was all about Andrews and he had Andrews’ second appeal on his desk. Morton officially reinstated Andrews to SAW. Andrews gave a humble babyface thank you to his family and the fans.

The reinstatement of Andrews brought an enraged Adams to ringside. Adams said he didn’t know whose palms Andrews greased, but he gave him props for doing what he had to do to get back into SAW.

But I’ll tell you what. You’re gonna wish you curled up in ball and died by the time I’m done with you this time. SAW is all about Paul.

Adams offered Andrews a match against his marquee player, Ric Santel. Andrews said he would be glad to knock Santel’s teeth down his throat. Morton booked it for today’s main event.

Black and white footage of Anthony in his army gear with “White Rabbit” playing in the background. This was different. No army men. Anthony was behind bars in some type of basement dungeon with light streaming down from above. Anthony was hearing the voice of Uncle Ronnie P. (Gossett) in his head and laughing to himself.

I must see bloodshed soon. I’ve got to hurt somebody. Why not, Uncle Ronnie P? Why not? I’ve done everything you’ve asked. Why can’t I have some fun? Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m not finished. Maybe you’re right, Ronnie P. We will let the mind games, ha, ha, ha, BEGIN!

Anthony barks. He tries to scale the bars to escape into the light. The music builds to a crescendo as the screen goes black.


Haskins surprised Sigmon with a pin attempt right at get go. Sigmon cut him off and took over. Sigmon hit his killer dropkick for a two count. Reno said Haskins needed to add weight to compete at this level. Haskins hit a high crossbody for a two count. Sigmon regained control, using a diving headbutt for a near fall. MSJ mentioned Sigmon’s Middle Eastern descent and seeing him reading his prayer book in the locker room. Haskins rocked Sigmon with a stiff running forearm and almost scored the upset with a release Northern light suplex. Sigmon dropped Haskins on his neck with a release German suplex, then hit a beautiful top rope diving headbutt –devastating enough to rate a “my goodness” from Reno - for the pin.

WINNER: Sigmon with the Colossal Camelback Headbutt at 2:39. You couldn’t have asked for much more with the time they were given - solid, fast-paced action and a great finish by Sigmon. I dare say Haskins has improved his striking.

Personality Profile: Rob Roy McCoy. McCoy said he moved from Scotland to England at age 18 to train with Andre Baker. McCoy said he beat up everybody there for a couple of years before moving to the US. McCoy listed his influences as Johnny Saint, Dynamite Kid, Randy Savage and Rick Rude. McCoy said he only intention in life was to become number one, and if he did not become the champion, his time in SAW was a failure.

Morton announced that Jerry Lynn would be the next challenger for the SAW International Championship held by Kash. MSJ said Kash had defended the belt in London, England the night before and they went via satellite (cough) to Kash being interviewed by Pandora. Kash said Lynn wasn’t going to be at SAW because Kash had left him a bloody mess in Japan, Australia, ECW and all points in between. Kash’s language was bleeped out several times. Kash bet his paycheck that Lynn wouldn’t show up, but if he did, Kash vowed to retire his 50 year-old ass. He made Lynn out to be an excuse-making crybaby, while Kash had worked with a broken jaw (true). Pandora objected to Kash running Lynn down. Kash told her to shut up because she was nothing.

I’m not playin’ boys. You wrestle me, you’re getting a pit bull. And Jerry Lynn, you wrestle me, you’re getting a retirement party.

The version that aired in Nashville inexplicably had a Krull video followed by a Hammerjack video. A match between replaced the video in the version for international syndication.


Andrews sprinted into the ring to attack Santel before the bell, and the crowd was on fire. Andrews was killing Santel with knee strikes. Santel was on dream street. Andrews started working a standing submission on Santel’s shoulder. Santel bailed and Andrews followed. Adams clubbed Andrews to distract, but Andrews was ready for Santel and continued to beat on him. The match did a 180 when Santel pumphandled Andrews’ shoulder across the top rope. Santel went to work on Andrews’ left shoulder bigtime. MSJ said Bart Durham’s legal help wasn’t enough to get Andrews back in SAW, and attributed it to the massive fan support. Riggins said he was glad to see Andrews back to restore law and order with A-Team. Andrews hit the spinning bulldog, but was writhing in pain as he landed on the left shoulder. Crowd was huge for Andrews here. Santel tried to pull Andrews to ring center, but Andrews used to ropes to block it and connected with a springboard back elbow. Santel kicked out at two. Andrews was slow to rise and clutching at his shoulder. Santel hit a powerslam and Andrews kicked out. Andrews escaped from Santel’s finisher and landed on the apron. When Santel went for a shoulder block, Andrews dropped an elbow to the base of his neck. Andrews was very slow to cover, and Santel kicked out again. They collided, and both men were staggering around clutching at their shoulders. Santel pounded on Andrews’ shoulder some more. Santel Slam? No. Dragon’s Curse. Yes. Cover and what’s this? David Young sliding in to break it up.

Andrews via DQ at 7:42 due to Young’s interference. I loved this match. Nothing fancy, but they did a great job of telling a story in the ring, the selling was awesome, and for a change, it had great heat. Andrews looked inspired. Bell-to-bell, it was the most solid performance I’ve seen from him.

Young gave Andrews his signature spinebuster, and one of those infamous Adams Family beatdowns ensued. Tribal Nation made the save. Cut to shot of A-Team on the ramp. The final shot was Adams shaking Young’s hand, as MSJ said Adams had taken a step further down the ladder to Hell.

Closing Thoughts: The main event made the show. Being a David Young fan from way back, the introduction DQ was fine by me. The firing was such a huge deal that the reinstatement of Andrews called for better than basically saying he was back by popular demand. By that logic, Boogie would also be back. With that said, Adams’ outrage saved the segment. The idea of Kash defending the SAW title in London cracked me up. When it comes to portraying itself as a big league organization, SAW leaves no stone unturned. At least they had Pandora and her legit British accent. The promo, an extension of Kash’s bratty character, was fine but longer than needed. The profile of McCoy clicked. It kept him play when he missed the taping. They’re teasing Sigmon as an Islamic heel. If they decide to pull the trigger, doing something interesting with that type of character will be a test for the creative minds at SAW. Stevens looks like a star, and is being treated accordingly. No words can adequately describe Anthony’s vignettes. This episode left me with a few questions. What about Boogie? The Nashville fans know where he is, but they won’t have a clue in Europe. What became of Damian Adams? We never got the promised update on his injuries. How will the announcers handle Anthony’s arrival? We’ve seen him for five weeks, but the vignettes are never acknowledged and his name has never been mentioned on the air.