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Monday, August 18, 2008


Courtesy of GeorgiaWrestlingHistory.com:


World Wrestling Entertainment’s RAW crew will be at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL, tonight.

Mr. Kennedy is expected to meet with Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, AL, this week to have his shoulder injury evaluated.

WWE results from the SummerSlam PPV event at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, IN, on August 17: the Big Show over Bam Neely in a dark match; MVP over Jeff Hardy, with involvement from Shelton Benjamin; Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix over Kofi Kingston & Mickie James for Marella to win the WWE Inter-Continental Heavyweight Title and Phoenix to become the WWE Women’s Champion; Shawn Michaels came out with his wife and announced his “retirement” before being interrupted by Chris Jericho, who hit Shawn’s wife by accident, ending simply with the Michaels’ leaving; Matt Hardy over ECW Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry by disqualification in a title match, with interference from Tony Atlas, and Jeff Hardy getting involved in a post-match brawl; CM Punk over JBL to retain the WWE Heavyweight Title; Triple H over the Great Khali to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Title; Batista over John Cena; and the Undertaker over Edge in “Hell in a Cell”.

WWE results from the Athletics-Recreation Center in Valparaiso, IN, on August 16: Evan Bourne over Chavo Guerrero; Shelton Benjamin over Jimmy Wang Yang; Mickie James & Kelly Kelly over Beth Phoenix & Katie Lea; the Big Show over Carlito; Mark Henry, with Tony Atlas, over Finlay, with Hornswoggle; Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase, Jr., over Cryme Tyme; Batista over Kane in a no disqualification match; and John Cena, CM Punk & Triple H over William Regal, JBL & the Great Khali.

Total Nonstop Action results from the Muskogee Civic Center in Muskogee, OK, on August 17: Petey Williams over Consequences Creed; Kaz over Johnny Devine; Taylor Wilde over Awesome Kong to retain the TNA Women’s Title; Jay Lethal & the Prince Justice Brotherhood (Shark Boy & Curry Man) over Sonjay Dutt & the Rock & Rave Infection (Lance Rock & Jimmy Rave); Beer Money (James Storm & Robert Roode) over the Latin American Xchange (Hernandez & Homicide) to retain the TNA World Tag Team Title; and Samoa Joe over Booker T to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title.

Ring of Honor will be at the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Philadelphia, PA, on September 20, for “Glory by Honor VII”. Advertised: Austin Aries, Mark & Jay Briscoe versus Delirious, Jimmy Jacobs & Tyler Black, with Necro Butcher as a wild card entry, in the return of steel cage warfare. Also added to the card are Kensuke Sasaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima.

GWH wishes a happy birthday to Tom Prichard.

Today in Memoriam: Don Carver (1948), Art Mitchell (1965), Jeep Swenson (40, 1997), Terry Garvin (60, 1998), Tony Parisi (58, 2000), Chris Cash (23, 2005), and El Soberano (59, 2007).

Dave Meltzer is reporting that Walter ‘Killer’ Kowalski’s health was downgraded today “from guarded to poor”, noting that he is still unresponsive.

Steven Johnson posted an article at Slam! Wrestling, covering the NWA Legends Fanfest event in Charlotte, NC, over the last few days Click here for the story.


Bob Magee’s column, As I See It, has been updated. Click here for the latest entry.

New Frontier Wrestling Association results from “Total Chaos” on August 16 at the National Guard Armory in Franklin, NC: Sci-Fi defeated Danny Diesel. Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain defeated Chris Damian & Adam Logan. Jamar Acid defeated Randy Wayne by DQ. The Saturday Night Sensation (Matt Sells & Ryan Michaels) w/ Nigel Sherrod defeated K.C. Thunder & Chris Hamrick (substituting for an injured Eddie Golden) to capture the NFWA Tag Team Titles. Cornbread defeated Backdraft. Anthony Henry defeated White Lightning. Billy Starr defeated The Bounty Hunter in a Franklin Street Fight. Brokishi vs. Dirty was ruled a no contest when Simon Sermon & Thomas Britain attacked both men.

The NFWA returns to the Franklin, NC, National Guard Armory on September 20th with a benefit show for Jeremy Justus, a seven year old wrestling fan who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Champions with Attitudes will be at the Jamil Temple in Columbia, SC, on September 5. The doors will open at 6:00 PM, with matches getting underway at 7:30. Tickets are $20 for ringside, $15 for floor, and $10 for bleachers. Children 3 and under get in free of charge.

CWA will also be at the Harleyville Community Center in Harleyville, SC, on September 6. The doors will open at 6:00 PM, with matches getting underway at 7:30. Tickets are $10. Children 3 and under get in free of charge.

High Velocity Wrestling will be at the Old Army Recreation Center in Waynesville, NC, on September 5. Bell time is 8:00 PM. Tickets are $8. $5 for Children 8 and under.

HVW will also be at HVW Arena in Hendersonville, NC, on September 6. Bell time is 8:00 PM. Tickets are $8. $5 for Children 8 and under.

DISCLAIMER: GWH is not liable for any card changes, cancellations, etc. We can only report what is reported to us. As always, we suggest you check with the promotion within 24 hours to verify information posted here.


AUGUST 18, 1937 (WEDNESDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – PONCE de LEON BALL PARK (Frank Speer – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Chris Zaharias defeated Gene Bowman > Dan O’Connor defeated Dobie Osborne > George Zaharias defeated Cowboy Luttrall / Notes: Gene Bowman substituted for Sam Curry in the match with Chris Zaharias.

AUGUST 18, 1937 (WEDNESDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – NEW COLISEUM (Gus Kallio – Promoter) > Walter Miller defeated Charlie Layden (2-1) > Young Londos defeated Baron Von Hoffman (2-0) / Notes: It was reported that 200 were in attendance for this card.

AUGUST 18, 1944 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jack Wentworth and Cherry Vallina wrestled to a draw > Babe Zaharias defeated Wally Greb by disqualification > John Mauldin defeated Jack Dillon by disqualification > NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: Bill Longson* defeated Al Massey / Notes: Bill Longson had been the reigning NWA World Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Bobby Managoff in St. Louis, MO, on February 19, 1943. This version was the one recognized by the National Boxing Association as the National Wrestling Association.

AUGUST 18, 1944 (FRIDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – AUGUSTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Jack Ross – Promoter) > Pierce Richardson defeated Major Self (2-0) > L.S. Shull defeated Al Lynch > Women’s Match: Nancy Miller defeated Doris Dean > Jack Nazworthy defeated Jack Ross

AUGUST 18, 1950 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Battle Royal: Eddie Gossett defeated Tom Mahoney, Buddy Knox and Tarzan White > Farmer Jones defeated Walter Sirois > Southern Heavyweight Title Match: Art Nelson* defeated Don McIntyre by disqualification > Bill Longson defeated Bibber McCoy / Notes: It is unclear as to the reason for the battle royal. Art Nelson had been the reigning Southern Heavyweight Champion since he defeated Don McIntyre on July 7, 1950, in Atlanta.

AUGUST 18, 1952 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Tom Mahoney – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Women’s Match: Cora Combs defeated Ella Waldek (2-1) > Mike Paidousis defeated Ike Eakins by countout > Muscles defeated Don McIntyre (2-1) / Notes: In the match between Don McIntyre and Muscles, Muscles and the Brain reportedly did a switch, entering the third fall without the referee noticing, leading a fresh masked man to defeat an exhausted McIntyre.

AUGUST 18, 1958 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – ARMORY HALL (Robert McCoy – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ray Gunkel, Ronnie Etchison & Bill Willis versus Jack Dillon, Angelo Poffo & Bronko Lubich / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found. Bronko Lubich managed Angelo Poffo.

AUGUST 18, 1961 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jack Dillon defeated Johnny King by disqualification > Johnny Reid and Marco Polo wrestled to a draw > Battle Royal: Guy Mitchell defeated Ricky Storm, Marco Polo, Ivan Zukoff, Jack Bence, Johnny Reid, Jack Dillon, and Frank Morgan > Guy Mitchell defeated Ivan Zukoff by disqualification > Handicap Match: Ray Gunkel & Ed Capral defeated Gypsy Joe / Notes: It is unclear as to the reason for the battle royal.

AUGUST 18, 1964 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON CITY AUDITORIUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Bad Boy Hines defeated George Harris > Billy Hines defeated Wildman Phillips > Bob Eisenburg & Choo-Choo Lynn defeated Red Roberts & Krusher Karlson

AUGUST 18, 1967 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – PAUL JONES SPORTS ARENA [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Jack Bence defeated Chico Cortez > Tim Geohagen defeated Jerry Graham > Ricky Hunter & Bob Nandor versus Dick Dunn & Ike Eakins > Louie Tillet defeated Roger Kirby > Stan Vachon & El Mongol defeated Alberto & Ramon Torres > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Mr. Wrestling* defeated Butcher Vachon / Notes: Ricky Hunter & Bob Nandor and Dick Dunn & Ike Eakins were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card. Jack Crawford managed El Mongol. Mr. Wrestling had been the reigning Georgia Heavyweight Champion since he defeated El Mongol on August 11, 1967, in Atlanta. It was announced that Mario Galento would be wrestling on the card on August 25, 1967, and that Enrique Torres, Rip Hawk, and Swede Hanson would be wrestling in Atlanta soon.

AUGUST 18, 1970 (TUESDAY) – MACON, GA – MACON COLISEUM (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Midget Match: Lord Littlebrook defeated Little Crusher > Leon Ogle defeated Hoss Strickland > Skandor Akbar defeated Sabu Singh > Macon Tag Team Title Match: Bill Dromo & Alberto Torres defeated Buddy Colt & Karl Von Stroheim* to win title / Notes: Leon Ogle substituted for Bob Armstrong in the match with Hoss Strickland. Buddy Colt & Karl Von Stroheim had been the reigning Macon Tag Team Champions since they defeated Joe Scarpa & El Mongol on June 16, 1970, in Macon. Homer O’Dell managed Buddy Colt & Karl Von Stroheim.

AUGUST 18, 1972 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – ATLANTA MUNICIPAL AUDITORIUM [P] (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Wayne Cowan versus the Champ > Skandor Akbar defeated Jesse James > Dick Steinborn defeated Juan Caruso > Argentina Apollo defeated Rocket Monroe > Bob Armstrong & Roberto Soto and Bill Bowman & Joe Turner wrestled to a draw > Terry Funk & Dory Funk, Sr., versus the Assassins ruled a no contest / Notes: Wayne Cowan and the Champ were scheduled to wrestle each other, but no results were reported after the card. Juan Caruso substituted for Mr. X in the match with Dick Steinborn. Jesse James participated in an autograph session for fans. There was an ad in the program for this card from the Gunkel family that read, “The family of the late Ray Gunkel acknowledges with grateful appreciation your many kind and thoughtful expressions of sympathy.”

AUGUST 18, 1973 (SATURDAY) – “ALL-SOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING” (Ann Gunkel – Promoter / All-South Wrestling Alliance) > Ray Candy defeated Bull Zomar > Tommy Seigler & the Super Gladiator defeated Rock Hunter & Assassin #2 > Wayne Cowan and Ted Oates wrestled to a draw / Notes: Rock Hunter managed Assassin #2.

AUGUST 18, 1973 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Buddy Colt defeated Jerry Oates > Tom Jones & Rufus R. Jones defeated the Demon & the Lumberjack > Jack & Roy Lee Welch defeated Bobby Duncum & Stan Vachon / Notes: This was taped for the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” television program hosted by Gordon Solie. It was announced on this episode that Bill Watts has been stripped of the Georgia Heavyweight Title pending a rematch with Mr. Wrestling #2 on August 31, 1973.

AUGUST 18, 1973 (SATURDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – RICHMOND ACADEMY GYMNASIUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ricky Gibson, Leo Garibaldi & Ramon Torres versus Bobby Shane, Billy Spears & Winston > Bill Watts versus Mr. Kleen > Bill Watts versus Mr. Wrestling #2 / Notes: No documented results for this card have been found.

AUGUST 18, 1978 (FRIDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – OMNI COLISEUM (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Pez Whatley and Mr. Saito wrestled to a draw > Rick Martel defeated the Challenger > Tommy Rich defeated Sonny King > Jack & Jerry Brisco defeated Hartford Love & the French Angel > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Ivan Koloff > Bounty Match: Dick Slater defeated the Spoiler > Texas Bullrope Match: Dusty Rhodes defeated Ernie Ladd > US Heavyweight Title Match: Stan Hansen defeated Ric Flair* by disqualification > Thunderbolt Patterson defeated Ole Anderson / Notes: King Kong Mosca reportedly brought in the Spoiler to injure Dick Slater. Bill Watts was the special referee for the match between Stan Hansen and Ric Flair.

AUGUST 18, 1979 (SATURDAY) – ATLANTA, GA – WTCG STUDIOS (Paul Jones – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Tape: Tommy Rich versus the Masked Superstar > Killer Karl Kox defeated Mike Fever > Mr. Wrestling #1 defeated Carl Fergie > Jonathan Boyd defeated Marvin Turner > Bob Armstrong & Tony Atlas defeated Bill Howard & Rick Oliver > Tommy Rich and the Masked Superstar wrestled to a draw / Notes: This was taped for the “Georgia Championship Wrestling” television program hosted by Gordon Solie. It was announced the Georgia Heavyweight Title was vacant pending a tournament on August 24, 1979. Bobby Heenan managed Killer Karl Kox and the Masked Superstar.

AUGUST 18, 1980 (MONDAY) – AUGUSTA, GA – WILLIAM BELL AUDITORIUM (Charlie Harben – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > Ernie Holmes defeated Charlie Fulton > Dennis Condrey and Lars Anderson wrestled to a draw > Georgia Heavyweight Title Match: Steve Keirn* defeated Assassin #2 > Kevin Sullivan & Abdullah the Butcher defeated Mark Lewin & the Great Mephisto by disqualification > Lights Out Match: Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Assassin #1 / Notes: The Great Mephisto managed Mark Lewin.

AUGUST 18, 1982 (WEDNESDAY) – COLUMBUS, GA (Fred Ward – Promoter / Georgia Championship Wrestling) > The Iron Sheik defeated Terry Gibbs > Buzz Sawyer defeated Brad Armstrong > Paul Orndorff defeated the Masked Superstar > Mr. Wrestling #2 defeated Don Muraco by disqualification > The Freebirds defeated the Wild Samoans by disqualification / Notes: Sonny King managed the Iron Sheik and the Wild Samoans.

AUGUST 18, 1984 (SATURDAY) – BALTIMORE, MD (Ole Anderson – Promoter / Championship Wrestling from Georgia) > Steve Travis defeated Davey G > Jerry Oates defeated Bob Roop > Tim Horner defeated 666 by disqualification > Ole Anderson & Jerry Oates defeated the Assassins > Ted DiBiase defeated Brad Armstrong > Larry Zbyszko versus Bruno Sammartino, Jr., ruled a no contest > NWA World Television Title Canadian Lumberjack Match: Ron Garvin defeated Jake Roberts* to win title

The information compiled within our daily reports are through the efforts of various contributors, including, but not limited to, Rich Tate, Larry Goodman, Chuck Thornton, Brian Waits, Don Luce, Brian Slack, Fred Hornby, Thomas Bugg, J Michael Kenyon, Steve Yohe, David Williamson, Becky Taylor, John Cannon, Mike Norris, Bobby Simmons, Les Thatcher, Crimson Mask, Dan Masters, Tim Dix, Tim Dills, Jimmie Daniel, Gene Restaino, Shannon Rose, Alan Wojcik, Devin Cutting, and Richard O’Sullivan.