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Monday, August 25, 2008

TCW Results 8/23

Courtesy of Lekisha F. Oliver-Burdine:

Tennessee Championship Wrestling Results 8/23/2008 – Pulaski, Tennessee: Johnny Gunz with Sexy Jessi def. 2-Bit; The TCW Heavyweight Champion JD def. Bobby Surge in a non-title match; The TCW Southern States Heritage Champion “The Limited Edition” Lee Cross def. Shawn Hoodrich in a non-title match; The Super Ultra Mega Stars” Mike Jablonski & “Impressive” Anthony Wayne def. “Fallen Youth” Jason Starr & Norman Cross to become the new TCW Tag Team Champions; ½ of the Southern Brothers Cody Whitehead and Jamie Dundee def. “Impact, Inc” J. T. Quest & Bobby Surge.