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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Florida's #1 Promotion Is Back

Courtesy of American Combat Wrestling:

Florida's #1 fan motivated company is back!

ACW is back after 1 year!!!!

Nearly 5 years ago ACW was started. It was shut down a little over a year ago and now it is back.

ACW was a group of local wrestlers who were outcasts and were tired of degenerate promoters. So a dozen local independent wrestler's came together and put a small company on the map. ACW was a place were the inmates ran the asylum.

ACW started off slow but no one would ever believe in less than a year the were running 2 different venues weekly plus Saturday shows on the other side of the state. We were being viewed by more fans than any other promotion that is not even including the hundred's of thousands watching on combat-tv.com.

So the stage has been set

October 11th 2008
The JCC arena
9841 Scenic Dr.
Port Richey, Florida

Signed already
Joshua Masters
Eddie Taurus
George Martell
David Mercury
Nick fame
Nooey Lee
Austin Amadeus
Dany Only
Shane Swift
Ralph Mosca
The Power Company Twins
More too be announced

ACW cant wait to see all of our fans (Friends) and too hear that magical chant ACW!ACW!ACW!ACW!ACW!

Check out kocosport.com for more info