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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Handsome Genius Club Radio #2 With Guests Nigel McGuiness And Stacey Case

Courtesy of The Handsome Genius Club:

Available online this Friday afternoon, it's the second episode of THE HANDSOME GENIUS CLUB. Your congenial host, indy wrestler/announcer ANTHONY KINGDOM JAMES, leads you on a two-hour audio love-o-rama, discussing all the pop culture news and opinion you can handle. Plus, check out this week's guests:

Trained by Les Thatcher, tutored by Robbie Brookside and tested by wrestlers the world over... NIGEL McGUINESS stands tall as the current Ring Of Honor World Heavyweight Champion. We'll talk to the British-born brawler about everything he went through to become a professional wrestler and how he's enjoying life on top of the indy wrestling scene today.

Who likes watching cute chicks wrestling around and hitting each other with pillows? Well, STACEY CASE does. That's why he created the Pillow Fight League. But his genius doesn't stop there. He's the drummer for the surf-punk band The Tijuana Bibles. He runs the Trash Palace retro cinema. He even directed the cult hit movie Zombie Beach Party who's cast was like a who's who of indy wrestlers and burlesque performers. We'll talk to Stacey about his current endeavors and what he has planned for the future.

All this and much more on this week's edition of the Handsome Genius Club. And, if you haven't already, download last week's episode with guests Slava "Ivan" Siderman and former ECW Superstar Colin Delaney. Check it all out at the official website: www.HandsomeGeniusClub.com