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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pro Wrestling Fusion HOT News And Updates

Courtesy of Shannon Rose:

All pictures for our 9/13/08 event are now up on our web site at http://prowrestlingfusion.com

We at Pro Wrestling Fusion are very proud to have acquired the services of Prince Iaukea for our November 29th show in Ft. Pierce, FL at Ft. Pierce PAL Center. We understand the tremendous amount of knowledge and experience the Prince has to offer and are very excited to have him be a part of our team starting in November.


It is no secret that the WWE is “THE” major league of professional wrestling. It’s a place where all professional wrestlers want to be employed and celebrate a fantastic career in sports entertainment. On November 3rd and 4th…three of Fusion’s finest will get the chance to showcase their talent, on the grandest stage of all, as the WWE makes it’s way through the sunshine state of Florida.

The superstars hand picked are The Sheik, Jon Davis and Chris Jones. These three men will have the chance to wrestle and be evaluated by the WWE’s top agents for Raw, Smackdown and ECW. This opportunity alone will mark a significant progression in all of their professional careers while elevating each man’s stature in this business.

The Sheik is no stranger to World Wrestling Entertainment. He is a stand out performer and experienced ring veteran who has had the opportunity to be there and back on numerous occasions. The WWE has generously given The Sheik an open invitation to return and continue their progressive working relationship.

This will be Jon Davis’ very first shot with the WWE. Davis has been a stand out performer for quite some time and appears to be ready to raise his stock and take his talent to that next level. JD is armed with all the tools to make an impact in this business and he will finally get the chance to showcase what many people have seen over the past few years.

Then there is PWF’s Undefeated Luchacore Champion…..The Rookie Sensation - Chris Jones. Chris will celebrate his 18th birthday one month before he gets the biggest shot of his short but spectacular career. Chris has been mesmerizing audiences all over Florida and has earned this shot by demonstrating a hard work ethic and tremendous athletic ability.

We wish all of our Pro Wrestling Fusion Superstars the best of luck in November!
Pro Wrestling Fusion Results
Saturday September 13, 2008
Boynton Beach Jewish Community Center
8500 Jog Rd. Boynton Beach, FL 33472
FUSION II - Electric Boogaloo
Attendance 225

Jack Manley beat Jaison Moore
This was a tremendous opener. Moore had the support of the entire crowd behind him but Jack Manley's cunning tactics stole the victory from a gallant Jaison Moore.

Tommy Taylor beat Johnny Vandal
Tommy Taylor proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he belongs in Pro Wrestling Fusion as he impressed PWF officials with his spectacular debut. Taylor was over with the fans and showed an incredible ring arsenal which was both devastating and athletic. Johnny Vandal hung with the slick Brit for a while before being neutralized with the Tommyhawk!

Craig Classic defeated Jerrelle Clark
The match was neck and neck when Classic, out of nowhere, won the match when an athletic Jerrelle Clark missed a flip and landed feet first walking into a vicious lariat that turned Clark inside out almost taking his head off.

The Lifeguards beat Los Habaneros by DQ
Senior Official Chuck Aurin was on the outside trying to control the action when Lifeguard Daron Smythe turned his attention back to the ring. Los Habanero #1 was then caught red handed with "The Lifeguards" buoy in hand as Wade Koverly looked to be unconscious on the mat. After the match a confused Los Habaneros went to appeal the decision but Referee Chuck Aurin stood by his decision making it stand.

Steve Madison defeated Dagon w/DANTE
Steve Madison had his hands full with this evil duo. As if the debut of the unorthodox Dagon wasn't enough, he was paired with the huge DANTE who proved he would interfere every chance he got. Finally Madison used one against the other setting Dagon up for his devastating pile driver for the victory.

Chris Jones defeated Chris Gray
Although Gray has come up short on both of his matches in FUSION, he has not failed to impress. In fact both matches that Jones and Gray had together were incredible, but last weekend Gray's temper got the better of him as he was so concerned with kicking the hell out of Jones after being frustrated with not being able to pin a beaten Jones' shoulders to the mat that he was caught out of nowhere with a leaping dropkick over the referee connecting right on the button. Jones is proving that he can hang with the best of the best while his popularity continues to climb making him PWF's most popular wrestler of the moment.

Jon Davis beat CJ O’Doyle
This match had a whole lot of crowd interaction and went 3o minutes with Jon Davis taking CJ O'Doyle 3 times around the world for the finish. As Davis celebrated, a frustrated O'Doyle snapped and attacked him from behind delivering a vicious beating to Jon Davis. Steve Madison ran in for the save as the fans came unglued for their heroes standing tall in the end.

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