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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Courtesy of Lew Spectre:

This Sunday, Sept 7th, the SPORT of Professional Catch Wrestling will be reborn in Davie, Florida LIVE at the DAVIE PAL BUILDING!!!

4300 SW 57th TERRACE - DAVIE, FL. 33024

Call - 954-383-5657 for more info!
GA Tickets: $15
Ringside: $20
Available at the door!
Show starts after the Davie Comic Book Convention ends. Come early and check out the Con as well. Some Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment Matches will be taking place during the convention. The Professional Catch Wrestling card begins at the conculsion of the Con, aprox 6 pm.

Featuring: Joey Machete, John Davis, CJ O'Doyle, Raymond Snow, Frankie Caitso, Barney Rumble, Lou Cypher, Big Japan's Craig Classic, Johnny Vandal, Tommy Vandal, Kory Chavis, Chis Jones and more!

Turn off the Reality TV and come see some Reality Reality, live and in person!

Imagine UFC/Mixed Martial Arts with the personality of Pro Wrestling...

Imagine Pro Wrestling as an actual SPORT.

Imagine NO MORE!

If your an "old-school" fan..This is what you miss!

If your a "new-school" fan... These are the "Good Ole Days" people talk about.

If you like Action, Excitement, Violence and..well, more Violence then you MUST
be at the DAVIE PAL Building at 6PM Sunday Night. General Admission Tickets are just $15, with limited ringside seats going for $20 at the door while they last!

What is Professional Catch Wrestling?
Catch wrestling is arguably the father of modern grappling, professional wrestling, mixed martial arts and no-holds-barred competition. Catch wrestling's origins lie in a variety of styles, most notably the regional wrestling styles of Europe, particularly the British Isles and Asia. The term is sometimes used in a restricted sense to refer only to the style of professional wrestling as practiced in United States carnivals just before and after 1900. Under this stricter definition, "catch wrestling" is one of many styles of professional wrestling, specifically as practiced in carnivals and at public exhibitions from after the American Civil War until the Great Depression.

Where Does Catch Wrestling come from?
Rough and tumble fighting was the original American no holds barred underground hybrid "sport" that had but one rule - you win by knocking the man out or making him say "enough." All techniques were allowed. Later when the Lancashire wrestling style made it to the US and was blended with the "rough and tumble" mentality, and the gambling involved, the very aggressive American catch-as-catch-can style of wrestling emerged and created some of the most outstanding grapplers in the word. Much of today's MMA fighting concepts can be traced to these early "shooters."

What should I expect from a Professional Catch Wrestling show?
If your looking for a cartoon, you may want to stay home. This is sport, in it's purist form. Two men, no equipment, striving to defeat one another. The Sport of Kings. We promise action, violence, and excitement in a format most have never seen before. Imagine Mixed Martial Arts using the personalities you've come to expect from Professional Wrestling. Imagine Professional Wrestling, but with more contact... more realism.. more competitiveness. If you like hearing people bitch, moan, whine and complain... you may want to stay home. If you enjoy seeing someone get their head knocked off... this may be the show for you.