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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

10/18 NWA Main Event Review

Courtesy of Larry Goodman:

NWA Main Event - ION episode 29
Airing October 18, 2008 in Nashville on ION 28
Taped on October 14, 2008 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena

Jason James and Tyler Clemmons opened from behind a desk with an update on the situation between J.P. Lightning and Chris Cane. James said Lightning had been advised not to wrestle and instructed to obtain another doctor’s release. They cut to clips of Cane dropping Lightning on his head with a pair of piledrivers two weeks ago and refusing to break the STF last week until Lightning’s girlfriend threw in the towel. They showed them out of order, but what the hell, it got the point across.

Tennessee Homecoming 2008 at the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on Thanksgiving Night. Be there!


Smalls abandoned a straight chain wrestling approach with a pair of shoulder tackles, pouncing with quick covers after each. Casey was ready for it the third time and caught Smalls in a drop toe hold. Smalls bumped big for a flurry of offense from Casey and scrambling to the outside for a TO. Moments later, Smalls slipped out of Casey’s spinning headscissors to take control. Smalls hit a suplex slam. More covers ensued with Clemmons noting Smalls’ mounting frustration level since losing the Mid-America TV Title. Smalls hit two back suplexes and a double stomp to the back for another near fall. Smalls destroyed Casey’s back, but Hardaway was hanging in there. Casey got a glimmer of hope with a twisting crossbody off the middle rope. Smalls kicked out and CREAMED Casey with clothesline. Smalls ended the torture with a moonsault.

Winner: Shane Smalls with a moonsault in 7 minutes. I think Smalls got the most out of Casey here. This was a super effective push for Smalls as a title contender. Smalls looked razor sharp in a decisive win. The other key thing was they way he was portrayed on commentary – deadly serious with the killer instincts of a champion, as opposed to making him the butt of joke like last week.

Promo by Smalls stating he was the top athlete in the NWA, and deserved a title shot at Steve-O. “Two fluke victories, that’s all they were. Review the tapes.” Smalls said his physical dissection of Casey proved his was worthy of having HIS belt back. Smalls said O’s luck was about to change.


The commentators said Cane had crossed the line with Lightning and it had gotten way personal. They hammered home the point that Lightning was out of commission. Hardway used a pair of Japanese armdrags. Cane begged off, only to poke Hardway in the eyes and kick him in the knee. James confirmed that the girl, who jumped to Lightning’s defense last week was indeed his fiancée, Scarlett Rose. James said he grew up with Cane “and he makes me sick now.” Hardaway tenaciously worked an armbar, until Cane yanked him off the ropes and dropkicked his knee in midair. Cane was all over Hardway’s knee. He used an Indian deathlock and switched to a trailer hitch type maneuver. Tried to at least. Cane got distracted and Hardway clocked him with an enzuigiri. As Hardway made a one-legged comeback, sure enough, there was Lightning at ringside. He was in a neck brace and Scarlett was trying to hold him back. Lightning got up on the apron. Cane guillotined Lightning’s neck off the top rope, leaving him in a crumpled heap at ringside. “The neck. Once again, Jason, the neck.” Scarlett tripped Cane to distract him and he got rolled up. Cane threw a tantrum.

Winner: Hardway in 6:22 after interference by Scarlett Rose. I thought the storytelling aspects of this match were outstanding: another brutal dissection by the evil Cane, leading to more torment for the never-say-die babyface, only to be fall victim to the good guy’s girlfriend.

Cane was livid in his promo. He was done with Lightning, dropped him on his head, stretched his neck, and put him in a neck brace. “And here you come hopping your gimpy little butt to the ring.” Cane warned Lightning’s girlfriend about sticking her nose where it didn’t belong.

JP, you keep her out of my business, or I’m going to make her my business.

Cut to Scotty Barry with Lightning and Scarlett. Barry asked him what he was doing there, since he was clearly in no condition to wrestle. Lightning said he was there to prove his career was not over. Barry informed Lightning of Cane’s threat towards his woman. “I’ve got this,” she said. Lightning said no way. Cane’s fight was with him, and he better not dare to lay a hand on her.

3 – TV Title Number One Contender’s Match: “Mean” MIKE WOODS vs. SHANK “The Freak” BARZINI (with “Solomon King” Walt Barzini)

Woods was having his way with Shank, as he used his size advantage to overpower “The Freak”. Uncle Walt tripped up Woods, and Shank kicked him in the ribs. Shank jackhammered Woods’ with punches to the head. Shank paused to shake off the punishment he had absorbed before launching a relentless attack on the ribs. James said he had never seen Woods manhandled like this. Wood fired back with some killer chops, but Shank took Woods down and started in on his back, using a classic camel clutch. Woods made a heavy fisted comeback, but Shank ducked a clothesline and hit a flying clothesline of his own. While Walt distracted referee Jamie Ferrari, Shank grabbed Walt’s briefcase. Big swing and a miss. Woods punched the briefcase into Shank’s head. Down goes Shank. Ferrari saw Woods holding the evidence and DQed him. Woods threatened to slug Ferrari. They cut to a close up showing the smashed up briefcase.

Winner: Barzini via DQ at 6:15 due to Woods getting caught using the briefcase. Great focused intensity from Freak. This was the best he’s looked in NWA Main Event. It was also the best performance from Woods during this current run.

Back-to-back promos from Woods and the Barzinis. Woods was pissed that Shank cost him a TV title shot.

I’m the man with the eyes without a face. Try and try your whole life long, Shank, these eyes you cannot replace. You will not leave with that belt. If you do, it will be over MY…DEAD…BODY.

Walt reminisced about finding Shank in a cage with people paying admission to see him because he heard the voices. Walt said he was hearing the voices, too, and they were saying the people thought they were a joke. Freak lived up to his name – a voice like gravel, grunting and laughing and banging his head.

By the time I get done with Steve-O, you’re going to respect Walt, fear me, and no one is going to be laughing.

We returned from the commercial break to see Ali Stevens wipe out Snake Jones, Charming Charles and Little Booger with a slingshot crossbody. Clemmons explained that Snake’s scheduled opponent, Chris Phoenix, was called away on a family emergency. Stevens and Snake traded ugly blows at ringside. Ref Mark Owens was breathing down their necks. Jones shoved him, as did Stevens, then they double punched him. At that point, Owens waved off the match. This was out of control. Stevens sent Charles and Booger sprawling again by instigating a three way collision with Snake.

Promo by Jeff Daniels and Christopher Starr (with Dominique). Daniels, the epitome of overconfidence, said he had one of the baddest men walking as his partner. Starr said the only things that shined brighter than Chistopher Starr were Daniels and the title belt. Starr said he was there to make sure the belt stayed on Daniels. Yo, Chris. It’s a tag match.


The announce team brought up the shoulder injury Hayes incurred at the hands of Daniels last week in Portland. The faces pulled the no tag switch on the heels. Clemmons called it “a Chinese tag.” James asked what was wrong with Chinese people. Clemmons said they made wonderful food. Daniels would cheat, then duck through the ropes and turn his back when Hayes wanted to retaliate. Hayes reversed Daniels in the corner fired back rapid fire ala Jerry Lawler. Starr jumped in to take a couple of bumps. They went to the commercial break with the heels licking their wounds on the outside. We’re back. Daniels has Hayes in a short arm scissors. Clemmons said that as a former representative of the NWA, Daniels had every opportunity to come back on the right side of the law. They worked over Hayes’ shoulder. There was a spot where the heels locked hands to block a sunset flip and Ferrari kicked them apart. Dominique interfered. Clemmons said if Jamie admonished Dominique, he might get sent to bed without dinner. James asked Clemmons what he was insinuating. “It’s suspicious. That’s all I’m gonna say, it’s suspicious.” O cleaned house with some horrible looking punches. The heels collided after taking stereo atomic drops. O superkicked Starr and Hayes covered for the three count.

Winner: O & Hayes when Hayes pinned Starr in 10 minutes of TV time. Just OK. Daniels plays the bottom feeding heel about as well as anyone. Starr didn’t distinguish himself. He did the job. I could see no reason to bring him back. O didn’t look like the same guy that did those singles matches with Smalls. I think that has something to do with Smalls.

Analysis/Random Thoughts: There was more energy put into getting the midcard stuff over than what’s on top. In this instance, that’s a good thing. Daniels has gotten plenty of face time lately. Long run, it’s wise to see who and what they can elevate. Cane/Lightning is the deal. The two tiny guys have the best program. Barzini/Woods had gotten way more interesting than I expected. Woods make a great opponent for Barzini. Both of their promos were top notch. The one by the Barzini’s was particularly twisted… They’re doing a stellar job with the handling of Smalls’ push. It’s tricky business booking a heel with such a stellar work rate…The psychology in NWA ME matches has become very solid with focused attacks on body parts in almost every match. Another lackluster crowd of around 50 isn’t helping their cause…The Jones/Stevens stuff was bizarre as usual, and I dare say better than anything Snake vs. Phoenix had to offer…They eased up on the Ferrari family collusion theory this week. Drama like that deserves a slow build…Main Event isn’t blessed with a deep crew right now. They’re getting about the most out of the talent at their disposal. There’s something to be said for that.