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Thank You, Axl Rotten (And R.I.P.)

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Courtesy of Power Trip Wrestling:

* Another wild night in the world of PTW, began with Petey Staniforth coming out to the ring to the wrong music. A song apparently entitled 'Barnsley Lad' played, and Petey took the microphone and criticised all things Barnsley related, said how much he hated coming up North, and even going so far as to accuse them all of being apparently scared of Sheffield Wednesday Football Club.

Hit the music, 'We're Gonna Win', by Bryan Adams....and out comes Barnsley's own, Jack Russell. Petey questioned what the hell he was in the ring with, a dog? Jack's canine temper began to snap when Petey pointed out what he felt was the irony of Jack Russell's entrance music, and asked when was the last time Barnsley FC even won anything! With Jack Russell's fur clearly ruffled, he asked Petey how he dare come out there and insult him in front of his hometown fans, friends, and family; and Petey stepped an apparent step too far and said that that comment proved what he'd always thought, that all Northerners were inbred and related. Jack went to swing a punch at Petey, and was grabbed by Petey's frightening bodyguard Druss. Petey reached for the Clipboard, swung...and MISSED! Druss was stunned long enough for Jack to chase Staniforth out of, and around the ring; and Petey tripped and hit the floor. Jack kicked him to make sure he'd stay down, and then did what all dogs do when they cock their leg up - and 'relieved' himself all over Petey's trousers. Druss had recovered at this point, and hit Russell from behind, and a redfaced and furious Staniforth told Jack Russell he had a main event with his name on it.... a no holds barred match with the PTW Heavyweight Champion Mayhem!

* Nick Elite and Bret Valentine defeated New School Nostalgia.

* In a handicap match, Jack Toxic defeated Luke Axl and Blayze, after a surprising miscommunication between Axl & Blayze. Toxic took the microphone and said that he had been promised a PTW Cruiserweight title shot, and called a still angry Petey Staniforth to the ring to clarify this. Petey laughed, and said that PTW Cruiserweight Champion Kevin Carter had the good sense to stay at home and not bother coming up North, and that basically....he'd lied. He seemingly had a slight change of heart, and told Toxic that if he could survive two minutes with his bodyguard, Druss, then he'd get that title shot he wanted. Toxic did, it's fair to say, do very well....but when Druss hit his sleeper hold, that was all she wrote. When the two minutes were up, the hold was still applied, and Staniforth said if Toxic could escape, then he could still have the shot; but Druss kept hold and Toxic passed out.

* In a BPW Exhibtion match, Adam Steel defeated Jason Genesis.

* In a triple threat match, Kyle Ashmore defeated Brad Flash, and MDK.

* The monstrously huge team of Donny Bull and Druss (w/ Petey Staniforth at ringside) defeated Alex Cyanide and Valek. After the match, Cynaide and Valek challenged Bull and Druss to seperate singles matches on the next show.

* Damned Nation (Dragon Aisu & John Cameron) defeated Prince Mohed Ameen & Martin Kirby.

* PTW Heavyweight Champion Mayhem defeated Jack Russell, in a no holds barred match that literally went all around the building, nearly broke the steel guardrails, and caused havoc at the bar! After a spear through a table, Mayhem took the win; and Luke Axl ran down to help Mayhem destroy Russell after the bell. Kyle Ashmore ran down to make the save, and said he was sick of this kind of behaviour, and challenged Mayhem for his PTW Heavyweight Title on the next show up North. Petey Staniforth came out and told him that if he was really sure he wanted to sign his career away, and it come to a violent end; then he'd get his wish, with the condition of Petey in Mayhem's corner. Petey ominously said as he walked away, 'but I think you're insane....because I have no morals, and Mayhem has no conscience'.

* And now PTW moves on, to Friday 17th October, In Houghton Regis, the long awaited homecoming! And there's another HUGE (quite literally) announcement coming about the show....Keep checking www.powertripwrestling.co.uk!