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Saturday, November 8, 2008

11-07-08 - OCWA Wrestling - Trion, GA - JW Wilbanks Memorial Show

Courtesy of Dave Wills:

130 in attendance

Chip Day d. Chris Lightning

Kenny Arden & Billy Montana d. Michael Cross & Seth Cruise

3 way non title tag match: Shane Williams & Mark Pain d. Dakota Outlaws I & II and Johnny & Silas Quaz

Mic Forcz d. Alex Summers

Johnny Slater & Frankie Davis d. Dru Scott & Daniel Alexander

Mark Danger d. The White Angel, then after being confronted in ring by Jamie Kyle & Syrus, Mark Danger pinned their manager Jackie Rosedale in an impromtu match.

Michael Cross won the Gauntlet match when Seth Cruise & The Associate eliminated themselves.

After winning gauntlet, an emotional Cross dedicated the match and show to his dad, gave the trophy to his mom, and announced he was retiring tonight (He had just had a newborn on Tuesday and his heart hadn't been in wrestling for a while especially after the passing of his father.)

He unlaced his boots and left his boots in the ring as the show ended. Fans and Heel & Face Wrestlers gave Cross a standing ovation.

Three hundred dollars plus was raised to help out the Wilbanks family.