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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Alan Wojcik Review Of The Great Debate 08 DVD

Did you get to the polls on Election Day? Your vote created history as Barack Obama became President of the United States. Now the folks who run www.kayfabecommentaries.com are asking you to cast your vote, this time for Race or Sammartino. Your probably thinking who and what are you talking about? Well the company that produces My Side of the Story and Guest Booker brought together multi-time NWA World Heavyweight champion Harley Race and two-time WWWF World Heavyweight champion Bruno Sammartino for The Great Debate ’08.

Unlike the Presidential and VP debates from October, this debate is friendly, entertaining and educational. Host Sean Oliver introduces the two men then asks the questions leaving the talking to the former World champions. To be upfront this is one of the best DVD’s not produced by RF Video, WWE or TNA this year. Mr. Race and Mr. Sammartino are given free reign to speak on a variety of topics including: which was the better wrestling city; St Louis or New York, what made Vince McMahon Sr. and Sam Muchnick great promoters, what makes a great babyface/villain, what makes a great champion and the always fun question, is "Nature Boy" Ric Flair the greatest World Heavyweight champion of all-time. The one draw back on this presentation is there are no chapters, so if you begin it and stop it completely you will have to begin again and fast forward to your spot. But who cares because you will not want to stop the DVD.

Both men have no reason to leave none of the subjects unanswered. Mr. Sammartino shocked me when he admitted he hasn’t watch wrestling for years. If memory serves Mr. Race runs a training school and promotion in the mid-west and talks to the viewer like Sammartino, he was teaching a master’s class on the sport of wrestling. After the presentation, Mr. Oliver returns and asks you to place a vote on the company website for the legend you felt represented their promotion and championship the best. That vote I will leave up to you as I feel the debate is too close to call and I vote for both men to have wings in the Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame, shame the WWE will possibly never induct Mr. Sammartino. But then again didn’t some guy named Hart go in a couple of years ago?

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