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Monday, November 24, 2008

!BANG! TV Taping Results - Awesome Kong Returns December 21st

Courtesy of Dory Funk Jr.:

Next !BANG! TV Tapings are Sunday December 21st and New Years Eve, Wednesday December 31st, Support the Troops 35, "Hell's Bells I" and "Hell's Bells II"

TNA's Awesome Kong and Hack Meyers return to !BANG! TV Sunday December 21st for Support the Troops 35 "Hells Bells I."

Support the Troops II, "Hells Bells 2," Wednesday December 31st, New Years Eve will feature all matches in a Steel Cage.

Results from Support the Troops 34, "Thanksgiving Massacre." World Championship Match

Blain Rage (Quintuple Champion) vs Elvis Sharp
Winner and Still Champion, Blain Rage

U.S. Championship
Johnny Magnum (Champion) vs Shane Chung
Shane Disqualified for bringing a chair into the ring

Woman's Championship
The Claw (Champion) vs Lexie Fyfe
Winner and Still Champion, "The Claw" Claudia Reiff

Tough Man Contest Rules
H.C. Loc vs Nick Paradise
Winner H.C. Loc

Premium !BANG! Championship
Damien Steele vs Hack Meyers
Winner and New Premium !BANG! Champion, Damien Steele

Contender's Match
Hack Meyers vs Johnny Romano (Light Heavyweight Champion)
Winner Hack Meyers

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