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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Card Update - Adrenaline MMA (II)

Thursday, December 11, 2008
Moline, Illinois' i wireless Center

* Thomas Denny vs. Pat Miletich - welterweights
* Chris Guillen vs. Ben Rothwell - heavyweights
* Joe McCall vs. Mike Russow - heavyweights
* Mike Ciesnolevicz vs. Derek Mehman - light heavyweights
* Gabe Lemley vs. Dan Loman - featherweights
* Ryan McGivern vs. Shannon Ritch - middleweights
* Pat Curran vs. Ramiro Hernandez - lightweights
* Jesse Lennox vs. Ryan Williams - welterweights
* LC Davis vs. Billy Kidd - featherweights
* Jacob Hey vs. Danny Rodriguez - featherweights

Notes from Ric: Barring any unforeseen changes, this is the complete lineup ... For some reason (I won't even begin to speculate), McGivern-Ritch is an exhibition. The decision will not count on either's record, which explains why I mistakenly believed there were only going to be nine bouts.