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Thursday, November 6, 2008


Courtesy of Main Event Radio's Steven Wilson:

Coming off of the historical presidential race, Kayfabe Commentaries treats us to pro wrestling’s version of the presidential debates with The Great Debate 08 – Harley Race vs Bruno Sammartino. During which these two legends of the ring sit down to discuss and debate a variety of topics and luckily for the viewer, host / moderator Sean Oliver does not pull a Tom Brokaw as the rules are relaxed with no constraining time limits, allowing for real answers as opposed to rushed or pre written ones, men can take opposing sides or agree on the topics, and no winner is needed, instead the hope is to have the fans be the winner by being entertained witnessing these two men express their ideas on some of the longest standing questions in the pro wrestling world.

The 85 minute debate covers a lot of ground and amongst the questions asked are: Qualities of a great pro wrestling champion?, Can you consider the WWWF championship a real championship at the time compared to the NWA title? Can Ric Flair even be considered as the greatest champion of all time? Who is the greatest champion of all time? Great Heel/Babyface qualities? Harder to become successful heel or face? What does paying your dues mean? Why was Vince Sr. a great wrestling promoter? Great Referees in the business? Greatest Announcers in the business? Do you like the idea of Boxer vs Wrestler matchups?

Certainly for those who grew up and watched these two legends in their heyday your going to want to see this DVD, However if you’ve seen and heard these men discuss such topics in numerous interviews over the years then this is nothing groundbreaking. For the newer generation of fans this is an interesting watch as it provides for a look in at the territorial days of the NWA and WWWF and serves as a prime example of the differences between today and yesteryear.

The Great Debate 08 – Race / Sammartino is available now from Kayfabe Commentaries, For more information or to get your own copy check out www.kayfabecommentaries.com, and to read my previous DVD reviews check out www.maineventradio.com/reviews.htm