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Saturday, November 1, 2008

If You Don't Help My Friend, I'll Report You As A Pedophile (Euan, I've Already Reported You, But You Should Still Help)

This comes from Roxanne Modafferi:

"At last, I'm fighting again November 8th, this time in Japan! 'Valkyrie,' the sister of GCM's all male promotion 'Cage Force,' will have it's first event in Differe Ariake at 2 PM next Saturday. Because of two and a half week's notice, matchmakers barely found me an opponent- a shotokan karate fighter making her pro debut. But she's far from inexperienced. She won a few all-Japanese titles in full contact karate tournaments and has been fighting for over ten years. She also trains with famous pro Dokonjonosuke Mishima, so who knows what she's going to come at me with?

I can't wait. I'm going for the knock-out. I have some special moves I want to try out on her.

I'm also trying something new. My friends at fightlinker.com and myself have started a T-shirt sponsorship campaign. Fans can help me out directly by purchasing a T shirt. People don't often realize that some expenses have to be covered by the fighter, and aren't paid for by the promotions. It always depends on the size of the organization, and how much capital they have, but in the end, you're often put in awkward situations, and that's where sponsorship helps. If you're interested, please have a look."