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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Courtesy of Bill Behrens:

Former WWE "entertainers" Kenny Doane (Dykstra) & Lance Cade are now accepting wrestling and autograph appearance bookings through Bill Behrens and Show Business, Inc.

Kenny Doane (Dykstra) was part of the WWE's Spirit Squad. When the Spirit Squad left WWE, Kenny continued with the company as Kenny Dykstra appearing on Raw, feuding with a beating Ric Flair three times. In 2007 Dykstra moved to the Smackdown brand where he competed in single matches and also teamed with Victoria in mixed tag matches. He is a former WWE World Tag Team Champion.

Lance Cade started on WWE television fulltime in 2003 as Garrison Cade teaming with Mark Jinrack on the Raw brand. After a brief injury set back, and a few months in OVW, he returned to the Raw brand and formed a tag team with Trevor Murdoch. His most recent feud was as a singles performer against his former trainer Shawn Michaels. Lance Cade is a 3 time WWE World Tag Team Champion

Contact Bill Behrens @ showbis@aol.com now to book these wrestling stars:

Kenny Doane (Dykstra) (WWE/TNA) out of Richmond

Lance Cade (WWE) out of San Antonio

The Amazing Red (TNA X Division Original) out of NY JFK or LGA

Rick Steiner (NWA/WCW/TNA) out of Atlanta, GA

Shannon Moore (WWE/WCW/TNA) out of Raleigh

Alan Funk (Kwee Wee, The Funkster, Bruce) (WCW/TNA) out of Atlanta

Kevin Nash (WCW/WWE/TNA) out of Daytona Beach

Dustin Rhodes (WCW, WWE's Goldust, TNA's Black Reign) out of Gainesville/Orlando

Stevie Richards (WWE/ECW) out of Hartford

Blue Meanie (WWE/ECW) out of Philadelphia

Super Nova (WWE/ECW) (only as part of Blue World Order bookings) out of Louisville

Shawn Stasiak (WCW, WWE's "Meat") out of Dallas

Raven (ECW/WWE/WCW/TNA) out of Atlanta

“Squire” David Taylor (WWE/WCW) out of Atlanta

Orlando Jordan (WWE) out of Ft Lauderdale

The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko (AWA, NWA, WWWF, WCW, TNA) out of Orlando

Kenny Bolin “Star Maker” (OVW) out of Louisville

Tom Brandi (The Patriot, Salvatore Sincere) out of Philadelphia

Elix Skipper (WCW, TNA) out of Atlanta

Chase Stevens (TNA) (of the Naturals) out of Nashville

David Young (TNA) out of Atlanta

Cassidy Riley (James) (TNA, WWE) out of Monroe, LA

Luke Hawx (WSX/TNA) out of New Orleans

“Fabulous” John McChesney out of Erie, PA (TNA & WWE appearances)

“The Good Guy” Azrieal out of Newark

Rob Eckos out of NYC (TNA Xplosion & WWE appearances)

Delirious (ROH/TNA) out of Allentown/Philadelphia

Daizee Haze (ROH/TNA) out of Allentown/Philadelphia

HC Loc (ECW) out of Elmira, NY

Angel (ECW Baldies) out of Kansas City

Ricky Reyes (ROH, CMLL,1MAX) out of NYC

Mikal Judas (IWA Puerto Rico, WWE & TNA appearances) out of Greenville, SC

Sal Rinauro (ROH/FIP/TNA) out of Macon/Atlanta

Iceberg (TNA as Edward Chastain) out of Atlanta

Slim J (TNA PPV) out of Atlanta

“Technical Perfection” Chad Parham (TNA & WWE appearances) out of Atlanta

And the rest of the stars of NWA ANARCHY www.nwaanarchy.net