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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lesnar Unleashes Wild Side In Fight Previously Deemed 'Too Hard To Call' By UFC Fans

Note from Ric: I rarely include the photos sent with press releases, but there was just something so special about this one.

Courtesy of Jack Link's Beef Jerky:

UFC 91 Champ Lesnar prepared for the 'biggest fight in UFC history' by ripping into his favorite protein snack. Photo courtesy of Jack Link's.


MINONG, Wis., Nov. 16 -- Brock Lesnar defeated Randy "The Natural" Couture in the Ultimate Fighting Championship(R) (UFC) 91 Heavyweight Championship Match on Saturday, Nov. 15. Held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, UFC 91 was billed as the "Biggest Fight in UFC History," and marked the return of three-time UFC heavyweight champion Couture to the ring.

In front of a rumbling sold out crowd, Lesnar greeted Couture with havoc from the first ring of the bell, turning one of this year's most anticipated Octagon(TM) throw-downs into a match of legendary proportions. Although Lesnar is a relative newcomer to ultimate fighting, joining the UFC in October 2007, his record is an impressive 3-1-0.

"Brock Lesnar has widely been considered 'the next big thing' in mixed martial arts, and with this spectacular win over UFC legend Randy Couture, Brock is the powerhouse in ultimate fighting," said Bret Ocholik, Jack Link's vice president of marketing. "Jack Link's Beef Jerky is proud to sponsor Brock Lesnar as he continues to dominate competitors and 'feed his wild side' in and outside of the Octagon."

As the heavyweight champion of UFC 91, Lesnar will go on to fight the winner of UFC 92, which pits UFC interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira against former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir. Lesnar, and the unfortunate victor of UFC 92, will bruise knuckles for the title of undisputed UFC heavyweight champion in early 2009.

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