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Sunday, November 30, 2008

WSU 11/29 Results w/TNA, Ex WWF/WCW/ECW Stars, Top Indy Women & More

Courtesy of Women Superstars Uncensored:

Quick WSU 11/29 results in front of 200+ in New Brunswick, NJ:

WSU Tag Team Champions The Beatdown Betties (Roxxie Cotton & Annie Social) d. The Soul Sisters (Jana & Latasha) to retain the WSU Tag Team Titles. After the match, Jana walked out on Latasha. Recently fired Rick Cataldo was at ringside after purchasing a ticket and having a seat in the front row.

Miss April w/Gorgeous George d. Lea Morrison

Former 2-time WSU Champion Alicia greeted the crowd and talked about the huge title match on 1/10. The lights went out and a mysterious voice said they were coming to WSU on 1/10. The lights went back on, begging the question, just who is coming to WSU on 1/10?

The Bad Ass Beauties Melissa Coates & Trixie Lynn d. Reyna Fire & The Debuting Brooke Carter

During a live edition of Missy's manor, Portia Perez challenged Mercedes Martinez, where if Portia was successful tonight, Portia would be entered into the cage match on 1/10, making the cage a triple threat match. The Beatdown Betties came out to run down TNA & Traci Brooks. Traci Brooks came out and a match between Annie Social & Traci Brooks was made.

Traci Brooks d. Annie Social w/Roxxie Cotton
During the finish of the match, Rick Cataldo ran in from the crowd and interfered. His interference backfired and cost Annie the match. Annie ordered security to kick him out of the building and he was tossed. Annie did a promo stating that Rick no longer has affiliation with the Betties & she doesn't want to see his face again in WSU.

In the Main Event
In a Match that went 35 Minutes
Mercedes Martinez d. Portia Perez with a finish reminiscent of the 1992 Bulldog/Hart Summerslam match. Portia went for a sunset flip, but Mercedes sat down and hooked Portia's legs win. This was a great match and maybe one of the best in-ring matches WSU has had all year, in this first time ever battle. Even the WSU DVD table was sacrificed!

We will have more soon.
Check DOIVideo.com for details on an eventual DVD release and WSUWrestling.com for all the latest up-to-date WSU news.

WSU thanks everyone for coming out and hopes everyone had a good time.