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Monday, December 22, 2008

Damian Adams Wins IWF Tournament Of Champions

Courtesy of the Independent Wrestling Federation:

IWF RESULTS: IWF 9th Annual Tournament of Champions Day 1
Saturday, December 20, 2008 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. First-Round: Juicy Justin Corino defeated Evan Schwartz w/ Kraig Stagg to advance.

2. First-Round: Stellar Travis Blake defeated Hellraiser Bryan Harley to advance.

3. First-Round: Tony Torres defeated Frank Scoleri to advance.

4. First-Round: Franciz w/ Rich Ross defeated Mad Dawg Jenkins to advance.

5. First-Round: Hi-Definition Chris Steeler w/ Jana defeated Antonio Rivera w/ Jennifer to advance.

6. First-Round: Kareem West defeated Portuguese Powerhouse Dan Marques to advance.

7. First-Round: IWF Champion Kevin Knight defeated Jason Somers to advance.

8. First-Round: American Champion Damian Adams w/ Rich Ross defeated Biggie Biggs to advance.

IWF 9th Annual Tournament of Champions Day 2
Sunday, December 21, 2008 @ IWF Centre, West Paterson, NJ

1. Quarterfinal: Hi-Definition Chris Steeler defeated Kareem West to advance to Finals.

2. Quarterfinal: American Champion Damian Adams defeated Juicy Justin Corino to advance to Finals.

3. Quarterfinal: Stellar Travis Blake defeated Tony Torres to advance to Finals.

4. Quarterfinal: IWF Champion Kevin Knight defeated Franciz via disqualification to advance to Finals.

5. Non-Tournament: Biggie Biggs & Mad Dawg Jenkins & Jason Somers d. Frank Scoleri & Bryan Harley & Dan Marques w/ Evan Schwartz.

6. Non-Tournament: IWF Junior Champion Jennifer defeated Jana w/ guest referee Antonio Rivera to retain the title.

7. Fatal-Four-Way Final: Damian Adams defeated Kevin Knight, Chris Steeler & Travis Blake to win Tournament.

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