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Monday, January 19, 2009

So, Elaina Maxwell Was On 'MMA Sunday' ...

And because of a technical error, which was totally and completely my fault, the archive's not quite ready. Oh, and when it is ready, I'm not even sure where it'll be hosted. But Elaina Maxwell was on, and so was Daniel Puder.

As usual, my attempts at humor backfired, none worse (I hope) than when I suggested a nickname for Elaina.

Speaking of Elaina, she was an amazing guest, and I'm not just saying that because she agreed to co-host on February 1. That's "Super Bowl Sunday," in case you, like me, lead an extremely sheltered life.

Anyway, like me, Elaina doesn't do the football, and even if no one listens, we'll be on the air and taking calls. We might even have a guest or two.

Did I mention, Elaina invented a word? Did I mention, it's late and I'm tired? Stay tuned, because, in some way shape, or form, this should soon be cleared up.