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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Alan Wojcik Reviews XPW Cold Day In Hell DVD

Just as I finished the review on the XPW Season Three DVD set, the people of Big Vision Entertainment sent over what appears to be the final chapter in the history of XPW. On May 24th 2008 XPW reunited for a Cold Day in Hell PPV event held at Aviation Park in Los Angeles. As the DVD cover says from 1999-2003 Xtreme Pro Wrestling was controversial with the scaffold matches, king of the death matches, their invading the old ECW Arena and other things already covered in previous DVD reviews. Then out the blue the promotion went under due to the owner Rob Zicari being arrested and his pornography company that funded XPW, also covered in previous reviews. So with the money and power of BVDVD and XEG, for one night several names from XPW’s past came together to hold a PPV with the following matches, some were considered dream matches:

Dream No Rope-Barb Wire-Double Hell Death Match
Necro Butcher vs. XPW King of Death Match champion Supreme

Tag Team War with special referee "Hardcore Legend" Terry Funk
Raven & "White Trash" Johnny Webb vs. Sabu & Homeless Jimmy

The WSN vs. the reunited Gangstas (New Jack & Mustafa)

Grudge Match
Kaos vs. Vampiro

Rubber Match
Angel vs. GQ Money

Respect Match
Luke Hawx vs. Jack Evans vs. Scorpio Sky

The Dynamite D Memorial Battle Royal (on second disc)

Team Revolution Pro (Disco Machine, Joey Ryan & Ron "American Wild Child" Rivera) vs. Team XPW (Vinnie Massaro, Jardi Franz & a surprise partner)

The Miss Xtreme contest hosted by Joey Ryan (on second disc)

Also involved in the show were Sandman, J-Love, Tool, Khan Kussion & the maniacal Pogo the Clown. In addition to the main show, announcers Kris Kloss & Larry Rivera present a 45 minute pre-show running down the featured matches and a parody with the WE owner Mr. McPhenom who threatened to take over the XPW PPV. Plus there is a bonus disc with every promotional video created for the PPV event, in addition to music videos and classic matches with XPW fallen heroes like John Kronus, Chris Candido, Big Dick Dudley, the Pitbulls, Dynamite D, the Public Enemy & Bad Boy Basil. This was an entertaining DVD with excellent matches and if you like what Rivera calls the "violent crap," you’ll love the main event. All that along with some segments that could have been deleted from the show namely the J-Love appearance and New Jack’s post-match chat that lasts longer than his match. It felt weird to watch without Rob Zicari/Black and his wife "Lizzy Borden" Janet Romano being involved, kind of like watching a WWE event without a McMahon present. Some of these stars were just beginning their journey to superstardom and thanks to their time in XPW and the former MTV show Wrestling Society X, they achieved it. This DVD can be purchased in stores or online through www.bvdvd.com