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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Another Edition Of 'MMA Sunday' Is In The Books

Tonight's show did not feature Rich Clementi (sorry), but did feature more than its share of tech problems (ditto), which (seriously) weren't my fault but are always annoying (especially to me, since I have enough problems with working technology).

Luckily, though, we also had Pat Barry and Elaina Maxwell, both of whom more than made up for my clumsiness, and we also had the return of Casey Trowbridge (hold the applause).

Anyway, in between training, Pat's currently just taking it easy, and isn't sure when he'll next be fighting, although he's aiming for May. Pat's also a movie buff, something I know nothing about, but that didn't stop me from recommending something for him to check out. Pat's truly a likable guy, meaning he didn't seem to mind Casey and I, allowing us to shamelessly attempt to get him to co-host a future episode.

Our good friend Alan Lee called, and when he could be heard, was actually able to add some interesting and entertaining discussion to the panel.

Oh, and dig this, Elaina doesn't have cable. Dana White must be pissed!

Seems we were running up against the Grammys, and Sheryl Crow looked damn hot. Oh, well, can't win them all.

Next week, I'll be watching whatever the hell WWE's next pay-per-view is called, meaning I won't be hosting, but that won't keep Casey from his duties, and he'll be joined by co-host Josh Haeder. We're still waiting to hear back from Casey's first choice for a guest, but if it doesn't work out, Elaina spoke of possibly supplying a big surprise.

We're still trying to pin down (I liked it so well, I used it twice) Rich Clementi, and we'll keep you abreast of how that's going. In the meantime, I may go ahead and false-advertise him for another show or two.