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Monday, February 9, 2009

CSAC Needs KIMO Therapy

Courtesy of Full Court Press:

IRVINE, California (February 9, 2009) – If combat fighting legend KIMO Leopoldo, the face of New Era Fighting, is appointed for the position he’s applied as Executive Officer of the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC), his first order of business will be to recruit a staff of fresh, clean people without a trace of corruption associated with the previous regime.

“Somebody or some group apparently is trying to hide the degree of corruption in CSAC,” KIMO explained his position. ”CSAC former director, Armando Garcia, was allegedly caught with $350,000 (in cash) in his locker, but he was allowed to resign instead of being prosecuted. I’d allow some of the present staff remain in their positions, provided they voluntarily subject themselves to an FBI investigation into the entire matter, and prove they aren’t involved with the CSAC’s corruption, bias or improper activities. In my opinion, temporary executive officer Dean Lohouis isn’t any different than Armando. The CSAC needs change and I’m willing to provide therapy.”

KIMO is publically offering to speak with California high school wrestlers about being winners in and out of competition. “I think it’s better to instill good habits in a young person as opposed to trying to break bad habits when you’re older,” KIMO said as he prepared to schedule to his campaign trail. “Since most MMA fighters seem to be coming out of my backyard in southern California, I want to talk to local wrestlers about the benefits of staying drug free and how to remain positive even when times seem too tough. I don’t want anyone to make the same mistakes I made and, if I can save just one young person, my efforts will be worthwhile. Anyone who wants me to visit their high school to speak may email requests to KIMO@NewEraFighting.com.”

For more information about NEF or KIMO, call 949.221.9704/702.317.4265, or go on line to www.NewEraFighting.com.

Bob Trieger