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Monday, February 9, 2009

FIP Headlines For 2.09.09

Courtesy of FIP Wrestling:

Chaos Ensues at Battle of the Belts!!!

For weeks FIP officials had promoted the Eddie Graham Memorial Battle of the Belts tournament. Contracts were signed, brackets and pairings were released to both the competitors and the public well in advance of last nights events in Brooksville, Florida, but from the get go it was clear that in some people’s eyes, Anything STILL goes in FIP.

Austin and Aries and Nigel McGuiness refused to wrestle each other last night, because in Aries’ eyes, “The people of Brooksfield, Brookstone, Brookhaven, Florida don’t deserve a matchup of this quality in the 1st round of a tournament. This match is a main event anywhere in the world, and you people think you’re getting it in the 1st round?? Think again sheeple.” Regrettably this caused 3 first round matches to be changed at the last minute, but did no favors for either Aries or McGuiness as both men were eliminated by their new opponents, Chris Jones and El Generico, respectively.

In the end however it was Davey Richards standing tall as the 2nd ever Battle of the Belts tournament winner as he defeated Erick Stevens, El Generico and Roderick Strong to capture the tournament victory…and it wasn’t the only thing he left Florida with either….

Heartbreak Enterprises Reveals their true Bounty Hunter—

In a shocking turn of events, it was revealed that it was in fact, not Delirious who was here to collect the bounty placed on FIP World Heavyweight Champion Tyler Black, by Sean Davis, but it was Davey Richards all along. Davis said that he “wants to thank Jimmy Jacobs and Delirious for their help this weekend. I knew that if we could get inside that little pea sized brain of Tyler Black he would never see the true threat that stood before him. He is so focused on revenge on Jacobs and the Age of the Fall, I knew he’d never expect a killer like Davey Richards to be coming here for him, and it worked PERFECTLY”

Richards attacked Tyler after his victorious title defense against Delirious, hitting him with the DR Driver, and then using the Kimura to lay out the champ, but he wasn’t done yet. Richards then assaulted 3 referees and left with Tyler’s World title belt, collecting the $25,000 dollars from Sean Davis, who declared Richards the “Undisputed FIP Heavyweight Champion of the World.”

After wearing the belt to the ring for his tournament finals match against Roderick Strong, the pair then once again dared Black to come and take the belt back from Richards, “If he thinks he’s man enough to do it”, however Black was already en route to an area hospital…We did not have an update on the condition of his shoulder at press time, but word from a source close to Tyler was the prognosis was, “Not good.”

Sean Davis has stated that Davey Richards will be in Crystal River with the FIP World Heavyweight Title on March 28th.

Complete Battle of the Belts Results—

First Round Matches:

Roderick Strong def Necro Butcher
Chris Jones def Austin Aries
El Generico def Nigel McGuiness
Davey Richards def Erick Stevens

Semi Finals:

Roderick Strong def Chris Jones
Davey Richards def El Generico

Shimmer Women’s Title Match:

MsChif def Mercedes Martinez

FIP World Heavyweight Title Match:

Tyler Black def Delirious (w/Heartbreak Enterprises)

Tournament Finals:

Davey Richards def Roderick Strong

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