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Friday, February 27, 2009

An Incredible Tag Match Caps Off An Exciting Night Of Wrestling At Aston University In Birmingham, This Past Friday!

-- Oliver Newman

IPW:UK/AWW Wrestling LIVE report from Aston University, Birmingham, England (Friday 20th February 2009)

Venue: Aston University
Time: 8:00pm
Date: Friday 20th February 2009
Attendance: Standing Room Only

Non Title
Gladiator Oblivion vs. Spud ©

This was the kind of match you expected going in Big Man vs. Little Man, Oblivion’s strength vs. Spud’s speed and agility. Oblivion was too much for Spud in the early going this caused Spud to rethink his strategy, deciding on riling Oblivion up on the Ring Announcer’s Microphone “Oblivion you are a big Pussy”. This seemed like a sound strategy as Spud was able to catch the big man off guard and hit some of his signature moves, when it looked like Spud could secure the big upset, Oblivion used his ring savvy and some underhand tactics to hit a low blow on Spud, following up immediately with a Twisting DVD for the three count.

Match Time: 15 Minutes
Winner: Gladiator Oblivion

‘Toughest man to ever wear a Dress’ Vito vs. Current CZW Best Of The Best ‘Black Jesus’ Sabian

The Birmingham fans showed their love for Vito, with “Vito, Vito” chants. Sabian didn’t get the same reception as he was booed for the majority of the match. Vito used the dress as an effective weapon against Sabian to the point where it riled him up so much he shouted out “I came here to wrestle, so lets wrestle” Vito responded with “You want to wrestle, I’ll wrestle” and then just as they were about to lock-up he lifted up his dress again taking Sabian completely out of the game! Mostly a comedy match with flashes of wrestling which thoroughly entertained the crowd; the match ends with Sabian getting caught with Vito’s Impaler DDT. The fans showed Sabian some respect after the match ended though; he obviously left them with a good impression.

Match Time: 10 minutes.
Winner: ‘Toughest man to ever wear a dress’ Vito

Non Title
’Irresistible’ Iestyn Rees © w/Gilligan Gordon vs. AWW’s MK Mikinan

MK comes out ready for the match, The Thrillers music interrupts and Gordon inserts Rees into the match. A pretty dominant performance from the IPW:UK Champion Rees who wins via a brutal Power bomb (which caused an MK concussion).

Aftermath: As Rees attempts another Al Snow comes out for the save, after talking about the previous night (when he beat Rees in a non title match) he goads Rees into an IPW:UK Title match tonight!

Match Time: 4 Minutes
Winners: ’Irresistible’ Iestyn Rees

1st Time Ever Meeting
Non Title
The Leaders (Zack Sabre Jr & Marty Scrull) vs. The Thrillers (‘Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins & ‘Physical Specimen’ Joel Redman) ©

THE match for a lot of the fans who turned up for the show this evening. I think it’s fair to say based on the crowd reaction at the end this match didn’t disappoint! 3 of the best wrestlers in the UK and my first time seeing Scrull. This was a frantic, fast paced tag with everything the fans could ask for and more, wrestling via Redman and Sabre Jr in the early going of the match. Scrull and Haskins brought the agility and quickness to the match and it all meshed well together. Lots of action, brutal moments Haskins’s nose being made bloody by a Sabre Jr kick to his face! Near-falls a plenty, never before seen double team manoeuvres and after 20 minutes (that seemed to fly by) Scrull tripped up Haskins and quickly followed up with a quick pin for the win.

Match Time: 20 minutes
Winners: The Leaders (Marty Scrull & Zack Sabre Jr)

Aftermath: MC for the evening Andy Quildan announces The Leaders will get a rematch vs. The Thrillers for the IPW:UK Tag Team Titles (fans go crazy) and it will be right here in Birmingham! (The roof of the place almost comes off) as the fans struggle to contain their excitement at the announcement.


‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez vs. Doug Basham w/ Gilligan Gordon

Pre-match: Basham takes the Microphone and talks of being a 2 Time WWE Tag Team Champion, he goes on to say he’s an athlete and Moralez has man boobies.

Match: Pretty even start to the match which takes Basham out of the game somewhat. Moralez has the obvious strength advantage, a fate which Basham hasn’t been use to over his career. Basham stalls and takes the microphone once more “I think I underestimated you Moralez”. Basham states that he can hold Moralez over his head and throw him around, this begins a funny exchange when Basham attempts to pick up Moralez to no avail. Moralez returns the favour with a big power slam on Basham. The match continues to go back and forth, with Basham in the ascendancy. Basham attempts his leg lariat finisher but Moralez skilfully reverses that into a sit-down power bomb for the win.

Aftermath: A kid in the crowd STEALS Gordon’s hat!

Match Time: 17 Minutes
Winner: ‘Human Hate Machine’ Moralez

AWW Guest Match
Dave Williams vs. ‘Mr. 450’ Dan Ryder w/Miss Ryder

The fans were unsure that this was the best AWW had to offer not from Ryder’s perspective (as he has been a mainstay in the promotion) but Williams is an AWW trainee, so it seemed a strange choice to showcase AWW. Ryder looked sharp in his 2nd match back from suffering a Broken Arm against Mad Dog Maxx, Williams did not seem out of place and pulled out a spinning wheel kick which shocked everyone in attendance (myself included). Ryder inserted his usual crazy style with a moonsault to the outside which wowed the crowd. Ryder attempted the 450 for the 1st time since the Injury, missing as Williams moved out of the way. Williams took advantage of this error of judgement or so he thought but Ryder was able to win via a victory roll after reversing Williams’s attempted Tombstone Piledriver.

Winner: ‘Mr. 450’ Dan Ryder
Match Time: 12 Minutes

Main Event for the IPW:UK Heavyweight Title
Al Snow w/Head vs. ’Irresistible’ Iestyn Rees © w/ Gilligan Gordon

This match featured lots of stalling unfortunately to the point where people started leaving, as it was 10:40pm at night when the match finally started. The crowd were fully behind Snow with constant chants of “Head, Head”. The story of this match was when Snow would finally use Head as he teased it the entire time, scaring both Rees and Gordon. Rees and Snow wrestled a back and forth match, with elements of comedy and classic old school wrestling. A funny moment occurred when Rees brought a chair into the ring, He and Snow played ’pass the parcel’ with it and Snow smacked the ground and laid down (Eddie Guerrero like). Which brought loud chants of “Eddie, Eddie” he then poked Rees in the ass and when Rees jumped up the Ref accused him of hitting Snow with the Chair! The match broke down at that point and after Snow waylaid Gordon with Head, Rees quickly rolled him up whilst holding the tights for the three count.

Winner and STILL IPW:UK Heavyweight Champion: ’Irresistible’ Iestyn Rees
Match Time: 22 Minutes

I managed to catch up with ‘Black Jesus’ Sabian when he returned to Philadelphia here is what he had to say:

Oliver Newman: What did you think of Sunny Old England?

Sabian: I liked it. I just got to stay longer next time.

ON: What did you make of the tour in general, was it a success from your perspective?

S: Yeah definitely. Good crowds and good matches.

ON: How did the tour go for yourself, were you happy with your matches, the experience, etc?

S: Yeah, I really felt that the crowd was appreciative of what we all did in the ring. They were there to be entertained and to have a good time. I liked my matches, particularly the matches with Vito, Mark Sloan and Andy Boy Simmonz.

ON: What was it about your matches with Sloan, Vito and Simmonz that you enjoyed and why? (this is turning into ANOTHER interview! Opps)

S: Well, Vito and I have worked with each other a bunch of times in Spain and we have good chemistry in there. It was my first time working with Andy and Mark and right away I just knew that the matches were going to be good. We had Instant chemistry, that always leads to a good match I think. Yeah, another interview, it’s all good though.

ON: I notice you haven't mentioned your matches with what I feel are two of the best wrestlers in the UK in Zack Sabre Jr and 'Human Hate Machine' Moralez, is there a reason for this, or just an oversight?

S: Yeah, I enjoyed those matches as well. I think that Moralez is a good big man that would do well in the states. Zack and his partner Marty would definitely do big things out here too. I was also really impressed with The Thrillers and Gilligan Gordon too.

ON: What impressed you about Zack Sabre Jr, Marty Scrull & The Thrillers w/Gilligan Gordon?

S: Well the Thrillers and Gilligan really know how to get the fans riled up and they carry themselves like stars. I liked their music too. Zack and Marty are both really explosive and know how to keep the fans into what they do.

ON: What was it about your matches with Sabre Jr and Moralez that you enjoyed and why?

S: I think that if we were given more time, the matches with Zack and Moralez would have been better and they were good with the time that we were given. It's just that with more time, we could've really built the matches up more and really tore it down.

ON: Any words for Luke 'Dragon' Phoenix who missed the tour due to work commitments?

S: I was looking forward to working with Luke and hopefully we'll get to work together sometime in the future.

Upcoming Shows:

IPW:UK – Extreme Measures 4, Saturday February 28th 2009!

» IPW:UK are bringing back an old favourite as we present to you EXTREME MEASURES 4. This is what made IPW:UK a cornerstone of the British wrestling industry as it was the concept from our first event back in September 2004. Past winners of the Extreme Measures tournament include PWG superstar Super Dragon (downing ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm in the Iron Fist match), former IPW Champion “The Guvnor” Martin Stone (after defeating Spud in the final) and Leroy Kincaide.

There is, however, a slight difference in the format this year. The first round will still see eight competitors compete in singles action to advance to the next round. The four winners will then face off in a 'Final Four' match which will be contested under no DQ elimination rules. With eliminations occurring through pinfall, submission or being thrown over the top rope and both feet hitting the floor. The last man standing will then go on to face IPW:UK Champion, “Irresistible” Iestyn Rees. Usual format would see the winner of two contests then have to take on the titleholder in an Iron Fist match straight away. This year, that match will be delayed until the next Swanley event to give them plenty of time to prepare for the big match.

» To get tickets, head over to http://www.ipwuk.com/shop

Please note the special-offer ticket prices for this, the return show to Swanley!

» For more information on IPW:UK, head over to http://www.ipwuk.com

» To become a wrestling trainee with IPW:UK, head over to http://www.ipwuktraining.com

First Of The Extreme Measures Tournament Matches Announced!

» Lince Dorado is one of the top stars in American independent promotion CHIKARA. A trainee of Mike Quackenbush, Dorado recently had an excellent showing at the 2008 King of Trios tournament, coming out as one third of the winning Trio, getting the winning fall in the final himself. Lince has proven in his feuds with other top CHIKARA stars that 2009 could be his breakout year.

» ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins (of The Thrillers) is the crown jewel of the Thrillers. Considered the top up and comer in the whole of the UK for 2008, Haskins is quickly realising the potential IPW:UK saw in him 2 years ago. A product of the world renowned FWA:Academy training facility, Haskins may be inexperienced, but he’s quick, and wise beyond his years!

- Lince Dorado vs. Mark Haskins

Second Of The Extreme Measures Tournament Matches Announced!

» ‘The Human Hate Machine’ Dave Moralez has taken to his own in singles competition. Always known as one half of the former IPW:UK Tag Team Champions, The Untouchables, Dave forayed into singles action in 2008, much to the disgust of now former tag partner Jack Storm. After strong wins against Dan Head, Mark Haskins, Terry Frazier and international stars Sabian and Doug Basham, Moralez is quite clearly now at the absolute peak of his professional career and ready to move into the IPW:UK Title picture.

» ‘The Vigilante’ Johnny Moss has proven himself to be no joke when it comes to Pro Wrestling tournaments. Finishing as the runner up in the British National Championship, losing out on in the Final (his first defeat in IPW:UK), Moss is by far the biggest thing to storm into the IPW:UK rings in years. With strong wins in the past against the likes of El Ligero, Doug Williams and Sam Slam, Moss is by far Moralez’ biggest pound-for-pound challenge so far!

- Dave Moralez vs. Johnny Moss

And therefore the current card for IPW:UK’s “Extreme Measures 4” is:

“Final Four” Main Event – No DQ Elimination Match!
- Winners From The Four 1st Round Extreme Measures Bouts Collide!

Extreme Measures 4 – First Round Match
- Dave Moralez vs. ‘Vigilante’ Johnny Moss

Extreme Measures 4 – First Round Match
- Lince Dorado vs. ‘The Star Attraction’ Mark Haskins

Plus Matches From the Other Extreme Measures Tournament 2009 Participants:-
- Leroy Kincaide
- Marty Scurll
- Luke ‘Dragon’ Phoenix
- Jon Ryan

British Tag Title Match
- The Thrillers (Hype/Redman) (c) [3 defences] vs. The Kartel

Singles Bout
- The undefeated Nick ‘Oblivion’ Aldis vs. Spud

Singles Pre-Show Bout
- ‘Mr. IPW’ Ashley Reed vs. Matthew Campbell

» Your MC will be none other than ‘Hardcore’ John Atkins, with referees Chris Hatch & Chris Roberts. Your announce duo for the evening will be Dave ‘Stats’ Bradshaw, and former Big Brother competitor and all around bad-guy Billi Lightning!

» Plus, IPW:UK Champion ‘Irresistible’ Iestyn Rees will be in the building to oversee the Extreme Measures tournament!

-- IPW:UK presents “Extreme Measures 4”, Saturday February 28th 2009 at the White Oaks Leisure Centre, Swanley, Kent, England. Doors 6:00pm, show starts 6.30pm. Tickets SPECIAL OFFER:- £12 general admission (£7 children). Family ticket available for £30. Ringside £18 all ages. Birthdays, Office Parties and Other Group Bookings now catered for specifically. For more information about IPW:UK, click here: http://www.ipwuk.com/ or e-mail Daniel Edler: daniel@ipwuk.com.

AWW March 6th The Irish Club, 14-20 High Street
Deritend, Digbeth,
Birmingham, B12 0LN

Doors Open: 7:30pm. Show Starts: 8pm

Ticket Prices: £7 donations will go to comic relief

BBS & Danny Devine’s final matches in AWW.

Including Former WWE Star Doug Basham

BBS Vs Lee Hunter

Danny Devine Vs Dan Ryder

Spud has faced many AWW roster members and come out on top, such as Dan Ryder, Lee Hunter, Carnage and Dave Moralez. But now Spud defends the title against quite possibly his toughest opponent to date, Doug Basham!

MK Mikinan one of AWW up and coming takes on Brad Flash, the two both have a quick pace resulting in an interesting match when these two meet for the first time.

Carnage & Heratio go up against Wago & X-Bonez in tag team action, now you may be wonder what an odd couple Carnage and Heratio may be, but the story behind that is that Heratio is now offering his wisdom to Carnage, to help him climb the ladder of success once more and capture the AWW Championship once again, but the only way Heratio believes this can be achieved is by being a true gentleman, which will be something certainly new to the veteran.

Check out: www.alternativewrestling.tv for more information.

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