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Friday, March 6, 2009

Alan Wojcik Reviews YouShoot: Kevin Sullivan

-- Alan Wojcik

First he rebooked the WWF of 1984. Next he talked about the last months of World Championship Wrestling. Then he played peacemaker at the Iron Sheik Ring Roast event. So what’s Kevin Sullivan doing next? How about taking questions from wrestling fans? Sounds like a good idea and KayfabeCommentaries.com agreed so they sat Sullivan with host Sean Oliver and a laptop for another installment in the YouShoot series.

Haven’t seen any of the previous DVD’s with Missy Hyatt, Jamie Dundee, Sandman or Honky Tonk Man (all for sale on their website listed below) then let me summarize the format. Like I just mentioned Sullivan, Sean Oliver and a laptop are part of the presentation. Added to the mix are questions sent to the website posted below in the form of emails and videos. The subject groupings on this DVD are as follows: Bookerman, The Boys, Violence, The Iron Sheik, This n’ That (sort of a potpourri segment), the Dungeon of Doom, the Devil Went Down to Tampa, Deadly Sins and Nancy/Chris. Mixed in with the questions are YouShoot game show style segments: What’s in the Bag (word association), Respect the Bookerman (ranking the ten best at the job) and Believe/Bullsh*t that are all funny as hell to watch.

Since this is a shoot with surprises in it, I must say I really enjoyed this DVD more than the other YouShoot DVD’s listed above. Sullivan is honest and up front that he treated his career as a job like you or I treat our 9-5 employment. So questions about ranking his work as a booker or performer don’t get the answers you expect. He doesn’t duck a single question even when the section arrives on his ex-wife’s tragic death which he is clearly uncomfortable addressing. The videos come from fellow wrestlers, fans with good questions, fans trying to book Sullivan for their radio show (I interviewed him in 2003 at the last IPW Hardcore event) or fans that have no real reason to even exist (sorry for injecting personal opinion.) Sullivan is a great sport no matter how dumb the questions are and believe me there are some dumb people…I mean dumb questions asked. Like I said this is the best of the YouShoot series so get it now by logging onto www.kayfabecommentaries.com where I saw a preview of a new webisodic programs called Ringside and Timeline: The History of the WWE plus the new Inside the Office with Rene Goulet DVD.