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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

USWO Results 5/8/09 And USWO/ATL Results 5/9/09

-- Lekisha Oliver

USWO Results – Stadium Inn, Nashville, Tennessee: Dyron Flynn & "The Doctor of Style" Richard Lowe def. White Tiger & Psycho Medic; Jesse Emerson def. Phil Wilson; Stylin’ Shane Eden def. Convict & Drifter; Jason Xavier def. "Limited Edition" Lee Cross via count out; Mitch Ryder def. James Duncan; Chrisjen Hayme def. Bryan Casey; Josh Crowe & Damien Payne def. Saint & Tim Renesto in a 2 out of 3 falls match. (5-8-09).

USWO/ATL Results – Stadium Inn, Nashville, Tennessee: "Mr.110%" LT Falk def. Damien Payne via disqualification; Jason Xavier & Harold Knight def. “Bad Boy” Kevin Dunn & Bad Boy Dixon; Kevin James def. Psycho Medic; “Impressive” Anthony Wayne def. Robbie Ruffin; Josh Crowe def. Aiden Scott via disqualification; Tony Falk, LT Falk, TJ Weatherby & Cody Weatherby def. James Duncan, Richard Lowe, Damien Payne & Chris Norte. (5-9-09)