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Monday, June 15, 2009

The Hogan Saga Continues To ... Well, Continue

Just after both of her parents, and a sizable portion of the world, got to see Brooke Hogan exploit herself to the fullest by dating someone of the same sex and film it for television (in case you missed yesterday's episode of 'Brooke Knows Best,' here it is; you're welcome), comes today's shocking (clears throat) and court-testified allegations that Linda has been using Hulk's alimony payments to purchase painkillers.

This, from Tracy Morgan, Linda's former hairdresser, whom also claims to have seen marijuana in her former client's possession.

Hulk's attorneys are again asking for a reduction in payments, and they will find out if they're successful, come July 23.

In the meantime, Art Shimko, stop calling me and asking if I can give you Linda's phone number.