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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Review Of YouShoot With Sabu

-- Alan J. Wojcik of http://alanwojcik.com

One of hardcore wrestling’s founding fathers is breaking his silence, the legendary SABU recently sat down with Kayfabe Commentaries to be part of their popular YouShoot series. Like previous guests the Sandman, Honky Tonk Man and Jamie Dundee; Sabu sits with host Sean Oliver and must answer every email and video question no matter how dumb the person asking the question is. Here’s the topic areas covered in the two hour program: ECW, Hardcore, Sex & Drugs, Heat & Controversy, the Sheik, WWE & WCW, Wrestling, the Boys & Potpourri.

With the exception of being part of Jeremy Borash’s excellent Forever Hardcore documentary and the occasional RF shoot, the character of Sabu never if rarely ever talks so fans are in for an experience. I think this interview is great despite Sabu’s shyness in front of camera which he apologizes for several times. Mr. Oliver and some of Sabu’s friends make his at easy which is a credit to Oliver as a host. In addition to the topics we get to see the YouShoot staple “What’s in the Bag” word association and the inaugural YouShoot Roll-A-Joint championships. Sabu doesn’t hold back on people he despises in the business no matter how high profile the person is right now. Kurt Angle, Mad Man Pondo, John Cena, Johnny Ace, Stephanie McMahon, Dusty Rhodes and Stan Hansen beware when Sabu speaks about you. In addition to questions from the fans we have some professional wrestler video questions for Sabu which are entertaining. The video questions from the fans not so much.

This release is $20 and available through www.KayfabeCommentaries.com where you can also order Ringside with Demolition and Guest Booker Sheepherder Luke who rebooks WWF 1993 into a hardcore promotion.