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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Kimo Leopoldo: The Jesus Christ Of The MMA Industry

Source - Full Court Press:

IRVINE, California (July 23, 2009) – “Jesus Christ took three days to come back from the dead,” a joking Kimo Leopoldo said, “but it only took me a few hours to be resurrected. I am the second resurrection. The funny part, given the time constraints, was I was almost late to my own funeral.”

As one of its pioneers, KIMO has contributed greatly to the MMA community. He jump-started his MMA career in his first pro fight by issuing a beating to immortal Royce Gracie, who won the match but was unable to continue fighting for the championship. KIMO parlayed that debut into a series of fan-friendly fights, including triumphs against notables such as Kazishi Sakuraba, David “Tank” Abbott, and “Bam Bam” Bigalow. KIMO fought Dan Severn to a draw and he also battled top combat fighters such as Bob Sapp and Ken Shamrock.

Now, KIMO is asking for support from his fans to overcome the negative press surrounding him, which resulted from false reports about him being dead.

Through these recent days KIMO has held two spots on Google’s top 10 keyword searches, top 3 spot on Yahoo searches, and was the subject erroneous “tabloid news” in media outlets like The New York Daily News, TMZ, KTLA, USA Today, and many more. He held the No. 3 spot for keyword search “KIMO LEOPOLDO,” No. 10 position for keyword search “KIMO LEOPLODO DEAD” on Google. KIMO was also ranked No. 3 on Yahoo.com’s top searches in recent days.

In recent years, KIMO has tried every possible avenue to get the support of the media for New Era Fighting, which is KIMO’s promotional company that was founded with a “for the fighters, by the fighters” credo. KIMO has always had a strong desire to give fighters and fans what they want and deserve. In a recent press conference surrounding his death, he not only had to prove he was alive, but he also came forward to prove he is worthy of more positive media attention.

KIMO and New Era Fighting (NEF) are looking for top-rated and up-and-coming fighters to promote. “The goal is not to just get these fighters a fight, that’s it,” NEF president Ron Kort explained. “NEF’s goal is to get them a fight and sponsorship contract with Coke, a promotional contract with 24 hour fitness, etc. KIMO has been a longtime friend, business associate, and mentor in some ways. The news of his death was a joke. The media played on themselves but now has an opportunity to hopefully work towards making an attempt to report the more positive side of things like KIMO offering fans, the MMA community, and the public at large an opportunity to decide his fate in fighting. KIMO has placed his trust in his fans to vote for him, even allowing full control to be in the hands of the fans by letting them decide who he will fight by placing his video on www.FightEngine.com. KIMO is willing to fight rematches with Tank, Sapp, or Shamrock. He’ll take on new challengers like Jeff Monson, Ricco Rodriguez, or any other fighter. KIMO and New Era Fighting have agreed to split all door proceeds with the fighters, at the very least, on a 50/50 basis. Fighters make-up this sport. They help sell themselves to fans, who decide whom they want to see fight. KIMO and New Era Fighting want to pay fighters their true worth, letting money paid by fans to go to fighters, not promoters.”

“To my knowledge,” KIMO concluded, “no other MMA promotional company offers that deal to fighters or fans.”

Regarding the person who started the rumors of his death, KIMO offers a one-on-one training session…..free of charge.

To arrange interviews, discuss promotional opportunities or hire KIMO as a trainer, contact him (KIMO@NewEraFighting.com), or his promoter (RonKort@NewEraFighting.com).

KIMO’s last wishes in the industry are to give his fans and other MMA fighters one last great fight, as well as watch the industry become more fighter-friendly in terms of purse structures.

For more information about NEF or KIMO, go on line to www.NewEraFighting.com.