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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick Hogan Soon To Be Back In Court?

Nick Hogan has filed what certainly appears to be a non-frivolous lawsuit (really, no sarcasm intended), accusing defendants Louis Adkinson and Damon Elliot of not only breaching a contract, but defrauding him.

Back in January, according to court records, Adkisson, Elliott and Hogan agreed to each put up fifty-thousand-dollars, which would go toward the formation of record-producing company Confidential South, LLC. (Everybody's an entrepreneur.)

Hogan even claims that, should the idea fail (it did), he was guaranteed a one-hundred-percent return on his investment (he didn't get one), and worse, the duo then ran up an additional eighty-plus-thousand-dollars on his American Express card. (Who charges a fifty-thousand-dollar investment?)

Anyway, Hogan (brother!; just had to throw that in there) is only asking for damages, which (in case you're Dutch Mantel) total just over one-hundred-thirty-thousand-dollars.