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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Update Brian Blair's Legal Situation (AKA: Looks Like Roddy Piper Was Picked Up On The Wrong Coast)

Earlier today, Tampa prosecutors declined to press charges against Brian Blair, who was arrested on Father's Day (of all things), for allegedly abusing sons Brett (17) and Brad (14).

I didn't originally cover the arrest, because, quite frankly, I probably had something else to do, but to shorten a long story, both children had broken curfew (they waited for their parents to fall asleep, snuck out, then came back home at about 4 AM).

Blair and his wife (Toni) had awakened, and noticed their boys were missing, and once they arrived home, Blair began corporally disciplining them.

Blair's sons then began hitting back, causing their father most of the injuries and allowing him to claim self-defense, which was supported by evidence.