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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

DVD Review: Guest Booker With Sheephearder Luke

Source - MainEventRadio.com's Steven Wilson:

When you think of hardcore wrestling, one of the last names most people will think of his Bushwacker Luke. Also low on that list would be the likes of Goldust, The Godwinns, and Ron “Farooq” Simmons. However many mainstream wrestling fans who watched the Bushwackers in the WWF may not realize that Luke and Butch were once known as The Sheepherders, a hardcore tag team that ran wild in Puerto Rico, and for the latest installment of the Guest Booker series from Kayfabe Commentaries, they recruited Sheepherder Luke to apply his booking skills in their imaginary booking situation of allowing Luke to rebook the WWF in the year 1993, but with a twist, that being he had to take it to the extreme, surprisingly this is where the names Goldust and the Godwinns come into play.

Luke Williams was actually a head booker in Peurto Rico during the time that he and his cousin were spilling blood all over Puerto Rico. Off the top of the feature Williams takes time to reflect on his beginnings and his experiences as he moved from territory to territory. Once you watch see this part you come to realize that he is more than qualified to sit down and tackle the challenge put in front of him. Even as he moves along and sets forth his program, the ideas are ever flowing and so he often offers up multiple possibilities on how the feuds he creates would move along.

You may have noticed off the top of this review the names mentioned such as Goldust and the Godwinns were certainly not big names in the WWE in the mid 90’s. The reason they don’t use the big names like Bret Hart is because Williams is working under the instruction that there was no way in hell that Vince would allow his top guys to be doing hardcore while the mid card was doing the same.

Getting to the actual feuds, an obvious choice for Williams is to have the Bushwackers turn heel and revert back to their hardcore Sheepherders gimmick. Their opponents would be the smoking gunn’s, and a USA vs New Zealand type of feud would be set up. The feud is to last numerous months and involve a series of hardcore matchups, Williams has a million ideas for the feud’s playout and quite frankly not only is this the best idea he comes up with but is probably also the one I would of wanted to see most in real life.

The second best idea Williams comes up with is to have The Godwinn’s feud with The Headshrinkers and would begin as a result of the headshrinkers stealing, killing and eating the Godwinns beloved pet pig and embark on a series of hardcore battles.

The other major feuds he sets up is Goldust vs Ron Simmons in what would play off of Goldust’s feminine like character, embarrassing his opponents by defeating them and putting them in evening gowns, Simmons would then step up to defend his friends and the pair would embark on a feud that is to culminate with a evening gown gimmick match, which in passing isn’t necessarily “hardcore” but certainly goes over the line of “family friendly” wrestling.

Overall another interesting entry to the Guest Booker series from KC. Not necessarily the best as the execution of the idea is not the greatest but Luke Williams is a entertaining individual and thus this still makes for a good watch.

Guest Booker with Sheepherder Luke is now available on DVD from Kayfabe Commentaries for the modest price of 20$ plus S/H, For more information or to order your own copy head on over to www.kayfabecommentaries.com and to read my previous reviews head on over to www.wrestlingdvdreview.com