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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Review Of Timeline WWE 2000 DVD

Source - Alan J. Wojcik :

In the year 2000 World Wrestling Entertainment was still called the WWF, Triple H was close to 100% healthy, the Rock was just a wrestler, Eddie Guerrero & Chris Benoit were alive; coming over from WCW with Perry Saturn & Dean Malenko and oh yeah World Championship Wrestling existed with writers Ed Ferrera and Vince Russo running the ship. Plus Rikishi was working his way up the roster to main event support status with the Too Cool gimmick (w/Scotty 2 Hotty & Grandmaster Sexay). Kayfabe Commentaries sat the former Intercontinental champion down for the new installment in Timeline: the History of WWE. Like the 1987 DVD with the Honky Tonk Man, Sean Oliver sits down with the former WWE star taking him through the calendar, talking about the highs and lows.

Rikishi and Oliver discuss some of the following items: The arrival of the Radicalz from WCW, the creation of the WWF New York restaurant, the birth of the Stinkface, the death of Yokozuna, the birth of the XFL, Gillberg, the arrival of Trish Stratus, the birth of the Stephanie-Triple H relationship, working WrestleMania 2000, his Samoan heritage and its place in the business, the Right to Censor gimmick, wrestling Kurt Angle in King of the Ring and working with the McMahon’s.

Like Honky Tonk Man, Rikishi is an eloquent speaker but unlike Honky, Rikishi had the benefit of working for WWF since the 1990’s in one character (The Headshrinkers tag team, the Sultan) or the other. He takes some shots at Pat Patterson, Tony Garea and Harvey Whippleman that I will leave alone. He doesn’t hold back his feelings on any topic like Johnny "Ace" Laurinitis (who would later hand Rikishi his release from WWE), Stephanie winning the Women’s championship, the backstage WWF political games, being the mystery driver who ran over Austin and the Hardcore championship. I was surprised his reaction to when he won the I-C title from Chris Benoit and his success in WWE during 2000. The comedy relief comes from Oliver trying to get the Samoan family tree written out by Rikishi, I think I was listed in this segment. If you liked the 1st Timeline DVD you must get this one!!

The next DVD releases listed for release on www.kayfabecommentaries.com are Guest Booker with James E. Cornette and YouShoot with New Jack.