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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Alan J. Wojcik Reviews 'YouShoot With New Jack'

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Let me say something to begin this column, I am not on anyone's payroll. I need to say from doing reviews on their products for a while, KayfabeCommentaries.com has some great products for sale and their newest installment of the YouShoot series is going to sell real fast. Sean Oliver's guest this time out is former ECW/SMW/XPW star New Jack and like the previous guests he holds nothing back.

If you're asking yourself, "I know what YouTube is but what is YouShoot" here is a crash course: the folks at kayfabe solicit viewers of their DVD's and their website to submit questions to the subject...and he/she has no choice but to answer them; no matter how dumb they are. Believe me when I say that because I have seen the DVD's with Sabu, Sandman, Kevin Sullivan, Jamie Dundee and Raven; there are some dumbass wrestling fans out there. Somehow they all have internet access and webcams. The topics covered in this shoot are: ECW, SMW, Missy Hyatt, Drugs, Hardcore, Controversy, Sex & Rats and finally Honky, Dundee & Sheik. New Jack is an interesting choice for this series since he is the total opposite of the in-ring character he has played since the 1990's. I have met him several times at FIP/Pro Wrestling Riot events and he is a very intelligent person. For some reason due to his admitted drug and alcohol abuse he's been labeled a dumb person. He takes the questions at face value and has fun when Sean brings out the YouShoot favorite "What's In the Bag" style game which is a word association to an item. A new game is added for New Jack called "The Ho Bag" where Sean shows a series of women's names on cards and asks New Jack who is a cool person and who is....well a ho. Like the previous YouShoot sessions NO ONE is safe from being called out. This time the list includes: Vince McMahon, Jeff Jarrett, Missy Hyatt, Jasmine St. Claire, Miss Texas, Nicole Bass, Taz, Vic Grimes and any ring rat who ever stayed at the Holiday Inn near the old ECW Arena.

Don't turn the show off when the credit roll because if you enjoyed the recent Jim Cornette Guest Booker DVD you will want to see the bonus footage. According to their site the next release is Timeline History of the WWE 1983 as told by the Magnificent Muraco. They recently had some fun with Vince McMahon, so go to www.kayfabecommentaries.com to order the DVD and see the love Vince apparently has for Kayfabe Commentaries.