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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Review Of Ring Roast 2: Terry Funk DVD

Source - Alan J. Wojcik:

Last year Kayfabe Commentaries held a Ring Roast for the former WWE star the Iron Sheik. It was a DVD success thanks to Scott Hall being drunk and a rumored staged slap from the Sheik to the face of Brian Blair. So how do they top it? By putting a true legend on the Roast platform, former NWA World Heavyweight champion & "Hardcore Icon" Terry Funk. Ring Roast 2 is labeled as All Funked Up and its 2 disc of laughs, tears and thankfully no one slapping anyone...well there are plenty of verbal slaps.

Wrestling magazine legend Bill Apter once again hosts if you call what he does hosting. Here's the who's who that addressed Funk & the fans: comedians Ryan Maher, Matt Bridgestone & Sean Morton, part-time comedians King Kong Bundy & Mick Foley with wrestling legends & personalities Kevin Von Erich, Dennis Stamp, Kevin Sullivan, "Superstar" Billy Graham, Missy Hyatt, JJ Dillon, Mike Graham and New Jack. Like last year the comedians went for cheap shots at the panel and anyone else in wrestling they could hitting and missing. Maher takes his life in his hands joking about New Jack and enjoy the squirming on-camera. I gave the title of part-time comedians for Bundy & Foley since they still are somewhat active in wrestling & to be honest Bundy really wasn't funny. There could have been fireworks with New Jack's golden tongue but to the surprise of many, he kept in check praising Funk as someone who molded his career. All of the wrestlers gave stories of their interactions with Funk and took some shots at each others. Stamp will make you be close to tears talking about Funk's charitable contributions in and out of wrestling. Hyatt lived up to her reputation she seems to enjoy (if I have to explain you're not a wrestling fan.) If you liked the Sheik's DVD then buy this one..if you don't understand the concept of the DVD avoid it and look forward to the next Kayfabe releases like Guest Booker: Mike Graham and Missy Hyatt's Pajama Party which can be pre-ordered through www.kayfabecommentaries.com