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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Shoot Interview With Dory Funk Jr. On China's Only Wrestling Website's By Daddy Shawn

Source - Dory Funk Jr.:

The entire Dory Funk Jr. Shoot Interview is now on our website at http://www.dory-funk.com Click on Dory Funk Jr. Shoot Interview.

Daddy Shawn talks to Dory Funk about holding the NWA World Heavyweight Title for 4 1/2 years. Dory explains the life of being the World Champion. Dory Funk talks about the politics and atmosphere behind the NWA Board of Directors meetings. Dory talks about whether his father being in the NWA Board helped him to be the World Champion. Dory talks about the whole fiasco with Dory losing his title due to his auto accident at his father's ranch.

Daddy Shawn asks about Dory's opinion about how Dory thinks of past Champions like Bruno Sammartino being really bitter about the business today. Dory talks about how tough it was for him running the territory after Dory Funk Sr. past away. Dory talks about the funny story about him having a bear in one of their shows and it is very different to Terry Funk's version. Dory tells Daddy Shawn how they would use their connections in the business and the promoters around the country to run their territory.

Daddy Shawn asked if New Japan ever asked the Funks to jump ship since they were the backbone of the foreigners in All-Japan Pro Wrestling at the time. Daddy Shawn asks Dory Funk Jr.. if he felt All-Japan pushed them down the card after All-Japan has signed Stan Hansen. Dory Funk Jr. talks about how hard Stan Hansen could hit, "You never knew where he was going to hit!"

With the foreigners (Gaijins) in All Japan so strong at that time, Dory Funk was asked what they would do to make them stay on top of all the foreigners. Dory funk talked about there were much money made in WWF when he joined at the same time he was running as hard as the time he was the World Champion. Dory talked about the name of Hoss and whether Dory Funk Jr. liked it. Dory was asked his opinion about Jimmy Jack Funk after Terry left WWF in 1986. Dory talked a bit about Bruiser Brody and Jumbo Tsuruta.

Daddy Shawn asked which Japanese wrestlers did Dory train.

Daddy Shawn asks Dory Funk on whether if he ever thought of joining Pro Wrestling NOAH instead of staying with All Japan Pro Wrestling when the late Mitsuharu Misawa took majority of the roster to NOAH at that time. Daddy Shawn asks why Dory Funk returned to Royal Rumble 1996.

Dory talks about how he started to train some WWE up and comers at the requests of WWE. He also mentioned who were the first two recommendations he gave to WWE. When asked about ECW, Dory joked, "What am I doing here!? How did this happen?" Dory talks about helping for Carmen Electra's Naked Women Wrestling League. Dory is asked what he thinks of the business which has become today. Daddy Shawn and Dory Funk Jr. talk about the business in China and how could China be turned into a huge wrestling market. Dory mentioned how the internet is huge for the business. He used his !BANG! TV as the prime example. Dory was asked if he believes the art of professional wrestling has lost over the years. Dory is asked his thoughts of old-school style of professional wrestling training to his style of training today.

Dory mentions why the old Japanese style of professional hierarchy is not the way for any Japanese pro wrestling companies. Daddy Shawn asks who he believes is his finest student that he has ever trained? Daddy Shawn and Dory talked about his Chinese student Shane Chung and what plans there are for him. Dory told people who want to train as a pro wrestler to never give up. Dory and Daddy Shawn talked about doing a possible training seminar in China for 2010. Daddy Shawn also thanked Dory's help on helping him to connect with All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Dory Funk Jr. is Coach of the Funking Conservatory Wrestling School and trainer of WWE Developmental Talent. - For training schedules and ticket information to Support Your Troops 47, "Hell's Bells go to http://www.dory-funk.com.