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Monday, February 1, 2010

Alan J. Wojcik's Review Of YouShoot With Bob Holly


Bob “Hardcore” Holly worked for the World Wrestling Federation/Entertainment promotion for the better part of 15 years, tenured as long as the Undertaker. Yet he’s been called a bully, a cheap shot artist, a locker room snitch and other things I will not mention here. Now that he’s not under contract he can speak his mind and what better place to do it then Kayfabe Commentaries YouShoot DVD series ($20.00 from their site)

As always Sean Oliver is the host and question supplier. If you are new to the YouShoot concept; here’s how it works: You go to the KC website and do what you’re told, like this link for the upcoming shoot with Jim Cornette http://www.kayfabecommentaries.com/you_shoot_info.html . The good and bad part is Sean Oliver will take as many submissions and present them to the guest, in this case Bob Holly. As with previous guests like Sabu, New Jack, Sandman and Honky Tonk Man they agree to answer any and all questions Oliver presents to them. As with previous reviews I have voiced my opinion that some of the wrestling fans who submit to the DVD are real examples of what America thinks wrestling fans are. Some appear to have been personally harmed in some way by Holly or feel he ruined wrestling as there is venom in their questions.

For every dumb fan question there are some good questions asked of Holly including some from famous wrestling people I will not give away. The DVD is broken down into several chapters: SMW, Sparky Plugg, Bombastic Bob, Hardcore Holly, The Brand Split, Bully Bob, Brock, Sex and Drugs and The Boys. As with previous DVD’s there are breaks from the questions with some games created by Oliver such as a word association with items pulled from a gym bag (alcohol, pills, crack, etc.) New to this DVD for the guest is: “More Hated than Bob Holly,” “Tougher than Bob Holly” and “How Would Bob Holly Kick His Ass?” The popular “Roll the Joint/Timed Event” championship stays with Sabu.

Like the previous guests Holly holds nothing back and I mean nothing, calling fans stupid morons. He has zero love for the internet sites that are considered to be gossip mongers nor does he have love for current TNA star Ken Anderson/Mr. Kennedy. He feels you can have your opinion of him but as he says, “You don’t know me; you only know my wrestling character.” While he talks about the past he also talks about his present love; car racing and mechanical work. Holly is a delight to watch handle all questions including talking about the night he broke his arm in a match with Kurt Angle, pain pills, Rene Dupree, Matt Cappotelli, John Heidenreich, having his back sliced in a match with Rob Van Dam, the real reason he left WWE and nearly losing his arm to a staph infection. I think along with Rikishi, Holly is the only guest not to drink alcohol on camera of the DVD’s I have reviewed. I would love to see Holly compete in WWE again or possibly TNA in the future. Definitely buy this DVD or borrow it from someone because it should be in the top of 2010 competition later in the year.

The next releases from www.KayfabeCommentaries.com according to their site are Missy Hyatt’s Pajama Party w/Lacey Von Erich & Friends and the mentioned YouShoot with Jim Cornette.