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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Complete Lineup (Including Bout Order) - ShoMMA's 'Strikeforce Challengers: Johnson Vs. Mahe'

SaveMart Center
Fresno, CA
Live on Showtime @ 11:45 PM ET
Card subject to change

* Lavar Johnson vs. Lolohea Mahe - heavyweights
* George Bush III vs. Ron Humphrey - light heavyweights
* Andre Galvao vs. Luke Stewart - welterweights
* Zoila Frausto vs. Miesha Tate - bantamweights
* Shamar Bailey vs. Justin Wilcox - lightweights

* Ben Holscher vs. Alex Trevino - lightweights
* Daniel Cormier vs. John Devine - heavyweights
* Stephanie Frausto vs. ??? - three rounds/two-minutes; 110 lbs (amateurs)
* Luis Jaguarie vs. Paul Ruiz - three rounds/two-minutes; bantamweights (amateurs)
* Ricky Jackson vs. Trinidad Valdez - three rounds/two-minutes; welterweights (amateurs)
* John Paul vs. Robert Pinon - three rounds/two-minutes; light heavyweights (amateurs)
* Chris Buron vs. Avery Kaleo - three rounds/two-minutes; featherweights (amateurs)

Note: Matches are in the order of last-to-first.