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Sunday, September 12, 2010

NYWC Results - 9/11 - Featuring WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan!

NYWC results from “Never Back Down”
September 11, 2010
The Sports Arena: 620 Middle Country Road.
Saint James, New York 11776

Chris Forza defeated Lucas Mosquito

Quiet Storm def. Appolyon w/Crusher Doogan

Dickie Rodz, Francis Kipland Stevens and Wendell defeated The Dirty Rednex

Spyder vs. Benny Martinez went to a no contest when Victor Cruz & Manny Martinez interfered. All Money Is Legal hit the ring to make the save but shortly after their appearance, All Money Is Legal turned on Benny and joined Uninvited.

NYWC Tag Team Championship
ECW Legend Mikey Whipwreck and Syther defeated Big Time Rush (“Big Time” Tony Burma and Ryan “The Adrenaline” Rush) to become the NEW NYWC Tag Tea Champions!

Victor Cruz and Manny Martinez defeated “Platinum” Pat Buck and DJ Phat Pat

Right before the next match, Josh Daniels entered the ring from the crowd and attacked Referee Nick Bonanno. After the brutal beating Josh Daniels got on the microphone and verbally attacked NYWC and its new students at the NYWC Training Academy.

Kieran Mansfield w/Michael Mansfield defeated TNA Superstar Rob Eckos w/ the "Blow Out Boy" Dan Eckos

Stockade and "Genocide Junkie" Daemon Crowley w/Crusher Doogan defeated CIA (Tony Luke and Bruno Marciano)

NYWC Fusion Championship
“Number 1” John Silver defeated King Mega via submission.
Still NYWC Fusion Champion “Number 1” John Silver!

Main Event
NYWC Champion "Maverick" Tony Nese & WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan w/Maxwell Belvedere defeated The "Greek God" Dimitrios Papadon & "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds w/Prince Charles.

The NYWC returns September 24 with “Chained” featuring a special appearance by WWE Superstar Matt Striker!

Also announced for “Chained”:

Butler vs The Boss

Maxwell Belvedere vs. "Yours Truly" Alex Reynolds

Dog Collar Match
NYWC Champion "Maverick" Tony Nese vs The "Greek God" Dimitrios Papadon

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Source: New York Wrestling Connection