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Friday, January 13, 2012

StreetMade Has Teamed Up With Acclaimed Filmmaker Bobby Razak To Present: The History Of Mixed Martial Arts

New MMA apparel company StreetMade teams up with popular filmmaker Bobby Razak to present an exciting new film about the history of Mixed Martial Arts.

Indianapolis, IN, Jan 13, 2012 -- Bobby Razak is an accomplished sports filmmaker responsible for the well known Tapout and Dethrone Royalty Commercials. His highly renowned MMA film, “Rites of Passage” was featured in the Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival gaining worldwide exposure. His newest film is another MMA picture that details the sport’s wild history. The History of Mixed Martial Arts powered by StreetMade is a film that delves deep into the history of a sport that is quickly emerging as one of the worlds most popular. This film after years of preparation is set to come out this month for special screenings.

“I am extremely excited to be working with StreetMade. They are a great new company and I look forward to seeing where this relationship can go.” – Bobby Razak

StreetMade is an MMA company that represents the hard working class of human beings in all walks of life. The mission statement of: “Just Outwork ‘Em” needs to explanation. StreetMade is an MMA apparel line with an interactive side that brings them deep into the sport. StreetMade currently sponsors professional fighters; Matt Mitrione, Shamar Bailey, and Johnny Rees. The team has recently joined forces with Matt Mitrione in the opening of Integrated Fighting Academy in Indianapolis.

StreetMade will also be screening the film in the Indianapolis area.

“Bobby Razak is a prominent filmmaker that represents our sport honorably, and he is a great example of what hard work can accomplish.” – StreetMade

SOURCE: StreetMade