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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

World Of Sport Wrestling Arrives On iTunes

Telecommunication Entrepreneur Acquires Cult British Wrestling Television Program and Numerous Wrestling Intellectual Property

Hertfordshire, UK -- 4 October 2012

Telecommunication entrepreneur John Chapman officially announces the launch of WOS Wrestling® programming on iTunes.

The iconic British World of Sport Wrestling television program ran from 1965 until 1988, attaining British television audiences of up to 18 million during its peak. The program has since attained a cult status both in Great Britain and overseas.

The first iTunes episodes, which are for the first time digitally re-mastered, include British wrestling legends Big Daddy, Clive Myers, Fuji Yamada, Giant Haystacks, Kendo Nagasaki, Mark “Rollerball” Rocco, Mick McManus, Steven Logan, and Young David.

WOS Wrestling Ltd (UK) and WOS Wrestling Inc (Delaware, USA), both owned by Chapman, recently attained an exclusive contract with iTunes S.a.r.l to provide British wrestling programming. Chapman acquired the rights to the World of Sport Wrestling television programs from ITV plc, and purchased substantial British wrestling intellectual property from the Crown of Great Britain. The purchase gives Chapman earliest rights on numerous wrestling intellectual property.

About John Chapman:

John Chapman is a 35 year old British telecommunication entrepreneur. In 2007 he became a Vodafone board member, overseeing Vodafone UK’s voicemail and email platforms. In 2009, Chapman became the Managing Director of Telpla Ltd and Telpla Inc, maintaining telecommunication platforms for companies that include Vodafone.

In May 2012 Chapman successfully sued wrestling promoter Dale Gagner in the Dakota County District Court, Minnesota (Court File Number: 19HA-CV-11-6060). Chapman’s lawyers successfully proved to the court that Gagner had fraudulently misrepresented to Chapman license of the American Wrestling Association (AWA) intellectual property in 2005.

Additional information on WOS Wrestling can be found at wos.tv

Additional information on Telpla can be found at telpla.com

Additional information on John Chapman can be found at linkedin.com/in/johndavidchapman

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