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Friday, December 21, 2012

Vale Tudo Japan Returns On December 24th, 2012

(((IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 21st, 2012)))

Only 3 more days until the legendary Vale Tudo Japan event goes down with an unbelievable fight card. The event will take place on December 24th at the Yoyogi National Gymnasium live on SkyperfectTV.

In the main event, SHOOTO legend Rumina Sato battles DREAM bantamweight favorite, Hideo Tokoro. To add to the excitement, viewers will also see 3 "JAPAN vs USA" bouts. Current SHOOTO welterweight champion and former UFC fighter, Kuniyoshi Hironaka (20-8), will be taking on UFC veteran Carlo Prater (30-12-1) in a highly anticipated lightweight matchup. Long time SHOOTO veteran Mamoru Yamaguchi (26-6-3) will be representing Japan in a flyweight showdown against the USA’s Darrell Montague (11-2). The number 1 SHOOTO prospect, 23 year old Kyoji Horiguchi (8-1), will take on UFC veteran and current Tachi Palace Fight champion, Ian Loveland (16-9).

About VTJ

What was previously held as an annual mixed martial competition from 1994-1999 in Japan, VTJ has become a legendary event that helped pave the way for modern MMA. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legend Rickson Gracie was dominant in his tournament victories during the first two years of competition and helped put the sport on the mainstream map. The legendary tournament returns with VTJ 1st, which will have all matchups take place inside of a cage rather than the traditional ring.

Featured bouts:
Takeshi Inoue (21-6) vs Kenji Osawa (18-10-2)
Megumi Fujii (25-2) vs Mei Yamguchi (10-4-1)
Keita Nakamura (24-5-2) vs Nobutatsu Suzuki (9-0-2)
Daisuke Hoshio (7-6) vs Kuntap Weerasakreck (0-1)

For more information visit http://www.vtj1st.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vtj.inspirit.kashiwagi?ref=hl

SOURCE: Vale Tudo Japan