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Monday, January 12, 2015


Exhibition: Muay Thai for MMA | Social Network: Rounds

Cambridge, MA, January 10, 2015 – The Combat Sports Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the launch the online exhibition Muay Thai for MMA, and a new combat sports themed social network called Rounds. The exhibition features text, images, video, and an interactive timeline. The Combat Sports Hall of Fame plans to organize pop-up exhibition events in an effort to link the online exhibition to the physical world. Rounds will serve as social space for members to discuss and share content related to Combat Sports Hall of Fame exhibitions, combat sports topics, and related areas of interest.

“I am excited to announce the launch of the Muay Thai for MMA exhibition and Rounds! The exhibit and the social space are designed to educate and entertain all who visit. This has been a long time coming. The Combat Sports Hall of Fame started as my Master’s thesis project at Harvard University Extension School, and now it is a nonprofit growing its online presence with a goal of establishing a physical space,” said Combat Sports Hall of Fame Founder and President Alvin Benjamin Carter III.

The Combat Sports Hall of Fame started as a graduate thesis, Collecting Excellence: The Creation of a Combat Sports Hall of Fame, written by the Founder and President Alvin Benjamin Carter III while he was in Harvard University Extension School’s Museum Studies Program. The hall of fame grew with support from his advisors, industry professionals, family, and friends. It also has benefited from his years of martial arts training at Redline Fight Sports in Cambridge, MA and his years of writing for MMA Torch. His training and ringside fight coverage have helped him cultivate his combat sports expertise.

The exhibition will have periodic updates keeping it interesting for returning visitors. Visitors are also encouraged to use Rounds to discuss the exhibition and connect with each other. Rounds provides a space where fans of the hall of fame, novice to expert fight fans, museum professionals, and combat sports professionals can learn from each other and have fun sharing content and ideas. Users can create an account and login with their current Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts. The exhibition and the social space are just the first offerings from the Combat Sports Hall of Fame in 2015. Stay tuned!


Muay Thai for MMA - http://exhibits.combatsportshalloffame.com/
Rounds (A CSHF Social Network) - http://rounds.combatsportshalloffame.com/

Main Website – http://combatsportshalloffame.com

Twitter.com/combatsportshf (#CSHF)

About The Combat Sports Hall of Fame

The Combat Sports Hall of Fame is a member of the New England Museum Association (NEMA).

The mission of the Combat Sports Hall of Fame is to celebrate the achievements of elite practitioners, training camps, and organizations in mixed martial arts and all other combat sports; document the history and progression of all martial art forms; and to educate visitors, researchers, and combat sports enthusiast.

The activities of the Combat Sports Hall of fame will include induction ceremonies, exhibitions, archiving records and statistics of various combat sport and its fighters, and producing educational events and programs. Individual martial arts systems will be featured as well.

Combat Sports Hall of Fame. Honoring Excellence in Martial Arts.

SOURCE: Combat Sports Hall of Fame